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Alternative Classes

International Students who need to change their FILKOMU (Komunikasyon sa Filipinolohiya) to BASIFI (Basic Filipino for Foreigners and Non-Filipino Speakers)  have to follow a step-by-step procedure. However, it is important to remember that only those who are enrolled in FILKOMU and/or KASPIL may enrol in the alternative class. The international student is also required to attend FILKOMU or KASPIL class on the first day.

The teacher determines whether or not the student is qualified to transfer to the alternative class. After the teacher has interviewed the student, he/she gives the instruction and authorizes the student’s transfer... (more)


  1. Lasallian Retreat (LASARE) for International Students*
  2. LASARE courses are required subjects and part of the academic requirements of the University. Though these programs sound too Catholic for some, they are in fact deeply rooted in the Lasallian tradition of building the values of faith, service and communion in every Lasallian. Lasallian faith goes beyond Catholic doctrines, it speaks more about faith in oneself, faith in others, faith in the values a person upholds, and for many, faith in God or whatever helps a person find or define the meaning of his or her life. This Lasallian faith does not grow if it is kept only to one self.

    Thus, the Lasallian faith has to be put to practice, into actions of love that build also the lives of others, especially the last, the lost and the least. This is the Lasallian Mission. And since practicing one’s Lasallian faith alone might be difficult, thus, as St. John Baptist de La Salle says, we have to work “together and by association.” The practice of Lasallian faith towards a common mission requires that we have to work with one another regardless of the glaring differences being presented by race, color, and religion. Admittedly, the programs contain elements from the Catholic faith, e.g. confession and mass, because DLSU is a Catholic University. But the LASARE programs are intended to build Lasallians who are persons of faith, service and communion and not to force anyone to believe in God or to be converted to Catholic Church. This is the reason why La Salle schools thrive in non-Christian countries. Lasallian education is open to all and very inclusive. So do too the Lasallian formation programs of the university, particularly LASARE.

    So why then all students of DLSU are required to attend LASARE programs? Because the University does not want the students to become very good only with their academics but also to graduate as true Lasallians.

    (Source: Lasallian Pastoral Office)

Advising Service

International students (IS) may visit the International Center (IC) for advising and consultation on matters that require immediate attention.  The IS Advisor may refer the IS to concerned offices on campus for issues and concerns that are beyond the authority and capacity of the attending IS Advisor.

Issues and concerns that may require consultation with the IS Advisor

IS may seek advice from the IS Advisor regarding the following concerns:

  1. Concerns about visa and legal requirements for study, such conversion from one visa type to another, visa extension, validity and coverage of Special Study Permit for IS below 18 years old, downgrading to tourist visa, and other visa-related matters.
  2. Issues on adjustment to college life (academics and otherwise, social and emotional concerns, and the like).
  3. Personal problems.
  4. Organizational concerns particularly integration to the university (issues on university policies, rules and regulations related to international students).
  5. Other matters that affect the smooth transition and integration of international students to university and campus life.

Advising Procedure

IS are encouraged to schedule an appointment for quick advising with the IS Advisor. If the IS concern/s can be addressed or discussed with the IS Advisor in not more than 15 minutes, then the IS Advisor can immediately attend to the IS for quick advising. However, if the concern needs more time to discuss, the IS Advisor will ask the student to set for an appointment.  

Additional Reminders

During the scheduled session for advising, IS should bring a photocopy of their Enrolment Assessment Form (EAF), photocopy of their passport and ACR I-Card, and other documents that the IS believe may help the IS Advisor in understanding the nature of their problems or concern.

Below is the schedule of IS Advising for the current term:

St. Joseph Building, Room 207
Tel. Nos.: 525-6727; 524-4611 local 289
International Student Advising Schedule
Monday (M) Tuesday (T) Wednesday (W) Thursday (H) Friday (F)
10:00H to 12:00H 09:00H to 10:00H 10:00H to 12:00H 09:00H to 10:00H Research Day
14:00H to 16:00H 14:00H to 16:00H 16:00H to 17:30H 14:00H to 16:00H

DLSU List of Housing Facilities

The DLSU Housing Accreditation Committee, a multi-sectoral visiting accreditation team composed of one administration representative, an Engineer from Pysical Facilities office, a faculty representative, and two representatives each from the student sector and the parent sector visited several housing facilities around the DLSU campus last January 2013.

For the Academic Year 2013-2014, the following housing facilities passed the accreditation based on the standards set by the university.

Any interested parties are encouraged to visit and check the amenities and services offered by these establishments. Please also note that these are some of the facilities around the campus that signified their interest to be visited and were rated by the accreditation team. There are still many housing facilities around the campus that are available for occupancy.

For inquiries, please email