Lasallians: The Best and the Brightest

lasallians: the best and the brightestThe University pursues a bold commitment:
To be a resource of Christian achievers for God and country.

With zeal and dedication to continue the works of our founder St. John Baptist de La Salle, the University upholds an outstanding education that combines excellent academic and non-academic programs, first rate faculty, and modern facilities to prepare the student for a successful career.

In return, Lasallians answered the call to lead and serve others, especially the less privileged. As students who are exposed to industry, government, and other academic institutions, they become aware of their responsibilities to the needs of the society and of their commitment to the country's development.

Enjoying campus life

Stepping into De La Salle is like a dream. You can't help but be awed by the imposing Roman Corinthian columns and carved balustrades built in a U-shaped edifice representing the neo-colonial facade that is the St. La Salle Hall.

enjoying campus lifeAt De La Salle, you don't get quality education just with best professors, but with first-class facilities as well. You have well-lit and all air-conditioned classrooms, modern laboratories, a large football field, a newly-built sports complex, spacious canteens, a covered walk spanning the three main gates of the campus, among others.

Preparation for Careers

The University prepares its students very well. Be it in any field: arts, business and economics, computer science, engineering, or the sciences. Apart from providing quality instruction, the school endeavors to develop well-rounded individuals ready to face and relate with different people from all walks of life, to rise up to the challenges at work and to meet or even exceed expectations of them.

Moreover, the curricula provide the students the opportunity to be exposed to the actual work setting through different practicum programs offered in all courses. This not only tests the knowledge and ability of the students, but also gives prospective employers the chance to discover the potential of the students.

Responding to the needs of society

preparation for careersConfining one's self to learning within the four walls of the University creates a superficial view of the real world. Lasallians realize that there is a larger, more complex world that exists outside De La Salle that await their aid.

As students, Lasallians are called to live the Gospel values by participating in activities that bring about social transformation. They are called to allocate part of their time, amidst a hectic trimester system, to help the poor. They are called  to question and challenge existing social systems/structures that threaten the dignity of man. They are called to use their Lasallian education to improve society and the country.

Working towards a noble mission

Consistent with its mission, the University strives to foster an atmosphere of growth and learning by encouraging positive interaction among members of the academic community which include the faculty, administration, the alumni, the support staff, the Christian Brothers and, of course, the students.

Through all its resources, both physical and human, the University hopes to become a resource of Church and Nation by providing the Filipino youth with the kind of education they rightly deserve, one which nurtures and develops both professional skills and values such as honesty, industry, critical thinking, and social awareness among its students.