Vaugirard Scholarship Program

Qualifications and Procedures

1. The following criteria must be met for applicants to pre-qualify to the program:
  • Must be among the top examinees from Philippine public high schools based on the Weighted Admission Index
  • Must have an annual gross family income of not more than P700,000.00 (based on admission application form)
  • Must be a Filipino citizen (based on admission application form)
  • Must be a graduate of a Philippine public high school (based on admission application form)
2. The candidates will be informed of their pre-qualification for the scholarship and invited for a     screening through an official letter from DLSU.
3. The candidates will need to send the requirements to confirm participation in the screening     process:
  • Letter of Intent
  • Latest Income Tax Return or Certificate of Non-Employment from parents or guardians
  • Latest electricity bill
  • Inventory of household appliances (using Scholarship and Financial Assistance form)
  • Vicinity Map
  • Photos of Family Residence
4. Upon submission of the requirements, a candidate will be notified of the schedule for     interview with a University selection committee.
5. The University committee will review the qualification and make the final selection of the 50     students who will be granted scholarship.