Student Assistantship and Resource Training Program 2 (START 2)

About the START 2 Program

Responsibilities of a Partner Company

  1. COMPANY shall provide DLSU of a brief description of the work to be performed by student employees, total number of students to be employed, total length of time of employment, hourly rate of pay, and other employment incentives and benefits.
  2. COMPANY shall hire student employees for a fixed period, at the end of such period the contract of the student employee ceases without need of any verbal or written notice; however, the contract is renewable still, if appropriate in terms of exigencies of the service, upon agreement of the parties, and, if the student employee meets the established criteria.
  3. COMPANY shall arrange for the work-shifts of the student employees to be for a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of six (6) hours on Mondays to Saturdays, and not to exceed 12 hours on Sundays and holidays but in no case to exceed 40 hours a week, based on a schedule that will not conflict the student employees’ class and work schedules.
  4. COMPANY shall disburse compensation for work performed by student employees on a semi-monthly pay period; student employees who will be asked to work on overtime/holiday shall be paid with an overtime/holiday pay by the COMPANY.
  5. COMPANY may provide student employees with other perks that are usually given to its regular employees.
  6. COMPANY shall make available to DLSU the name and department of employment supervisors.
  7. COMPANY shall permit DLSU, from time to time as it may request, to inspect the premises in which any student is working, the working conditions and job requirements of the student employees.