Student Assistantship and Resource Training Program 2 (START 2)

About the START 2 Program


The STudent Assistantship and Resource Training Program 2 is the second phase of the START Program. It is an off-campus student employment program with DLSU partner companies which aims to provide currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who may need the additional source of funds to help meet their educational expenses. It also provides students with a range of practical experiences to acquire new skills in a supportive and safe environment. STARTers will only be deployed to companies with whom DLSU has signed an off-campus work agreement. Students will be working part-time with a partner company and shall receive compensation in the form of a monthly stipend. The program is being managed by the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS).


The START 2 Program has the following objectives:

  1. To provide financial assistance to students in need;
  2. To assist students enhance marketability after graduation;
  3. To assist students obtain practical/work skills and experience;
  4. To assist students build inter-personal skills in the work environment;
  5. To assist students in developing contacts, references, recommendations;
  6. To provide a source for staff requirements of the partner companies; and
  7. To provide the partner companies an opportunity to train students as potential full-time employees after graduation.