Student Assistantship and Resource Training Program (START)

Procedures for applying as STARTers

For applications to become STARTers, the following procedures will be observed:

  1. Submission of the following to the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS):
    1. START Application Form (pdf/102kb) [two (2) original copies];
    2. Updated Resume [two (2) original copies];
    3. Two 2x2 colored recent photos;
    4. Printed copy of grades of the previous terms;
    5. Accomplished Parental Consent Form (pdf/25kb) (for undergraduate students only) with an attached photocopy of the valid ID of the Parent-on-Record; and
    6. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Student Discipline Formation Office (SDFO).
  2. OAS keeps applications/documents on active file.
    Applications may be general and need not correspond to a particular vacancy.
  3. OAS informs the applicant for possible placement.
  4. OAS coordinates with the student assistant when accepted by the requesting office.