Student Loan Program

General Information

The Student Loan Program (SLP) is a short-term interest-free loan facility for the payment of tuition and fees of undergraduate and graduate students.


The following may avail of the SLP:

  1. Undergraduate and Graduate students with at least one (1) term of enrollment in the University and without any unsettled loan with DLSU

Loanable Amount

  • The maximum loanable amount is 100% of the total tuition and fees indicated on their EAF.
  • The loan amount is intended solely for defraying the cost of tuition and fees for a given term. As such, the loan shall be directly applied as payment to tuition and fees. It will not be released in cash.
  • The loan is subject to availability of funds. Thus, the approval of the loan is done on an established need and first-come, first-served basis.

Only applications for 100% TF loan will be accommodated in the Student Loan Program. Student loan applications for partial loan will not be evaluated. 

Terms of payment

  • The deadline for the payment of the loan is the end of Week 8 of the term.
  • After the deadline for payment, a 1% interest shall be imposed on the outstanding loan after a month.
  • The payment for the loan, and interest (if applicable) should be made at the service windows of the Accounting Office. However, a referral slip from the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS) must be secured before the payment is made.
  • The photocopy of Official Receipt for student loan payment must be presented to the OAS for recording and clearance from the loan obligation.

Responsibility of the borrower

Non-payment of the full amount of the loan will prevent the student from accessing the online enrollment facility and will put the student on hold for requesting academic records and for enrollment or for application to graduate.

Application Period

The schedule​ of activities for the ​SLP​ ​​are​ as foll​​ows:

Activity Date
Start of Application 09 August 2018
End of Application 25 August 2018
Release of Results 07 September 2018
Deadline of Payment 10 November 2018

*Schedule subject to change without prior notice.
Last updated:​ 07 August 2018


Application Procedure

  1. The applicant downloads the SLP Application Form at /scholarships/slp/_pdf/SLP_appform.pdf.

  2. The accomplished SLP Application Form is submitted to the Hub, 2/F Henry Sy, Sr. Hall with the following supporting documents:

2.1 Undergraduate students

  • Original Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)
  • Two (2) original copies of SLP Promissory Note signed by Parent On-Record
  • Print copy of grades from MyLasalle Account with a CGPA of at least 2.000

2.2 Graduate students

  • Original Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)
  • Two (2) original copies of SLP Promissory Note signed by the student
  • Letter of reference from an active full-time faculty of DLSU
  • Print copy of grades from MyLasalle Account with a CGPA of at least 2.000

  1. Submit all the requirements to the Enrollment Services Hub located in the following campuses:

  • The Hub at the Manila Campus, 2/F, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall;
  • The Hub at the Makati Extension Campus (MEC), 5/F, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza; and
  • The Hub at the Science and Technology Complex (STC), 2/F, Milagros Del Rosario Building

    A card containing the DTS (Document Tracking System) number will be provided to the applicant. The status of the SLP application may be monitored through the web.

  1. The decision on the application and further instructions will be stated in the remarks of the DTS.


Contact Information

Office of Admissions and Scholarships
2/F Henry Sy, Sr. Hall
De La Salle University
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines

Tel. Nos.: (632) 523-4230 (Direct) or
(632) 524-4611 to 19 local 166

Office Hours
Mondays to Fridays: 8:00am - 12noon; 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00am - 12noon only