Research Highlights


is a special publication of De La Salle University featuring research projects and creative endeavors by its faculty. It highlights the Lasallian quest for information, action, and transformation as DLSU pursues its vision-mission as a leading learner-centered research university in the Philippines.

Fellows Talk Videos

The 2014 DLSU Research Congress opened with several talks from University Fellows regarding their latest innovative projects ranging in natural sciences, robotics, and economics.

Microbes???…Ewww!! The Not-So-Often Told Story of Microbes
- Dr. Esperanza Cabrera
Can Microalgae Power Us Up?
- Dr. Alvin Culaba
Man or Machine - Who is more Intelligent?
- Dr. Elmer Dadios
Why are We Changing the School Calendar?
- Dr. Tereso Tullao, Jr.