Center for Engineering and Sustainable Development Research

About the Center

The Center for Engineering and Sustainable Development Research, or CESDR is the research arm of the DLSU-Manila College of Engineering. It is mandated to promote, catalyze and crystallize scientific activities in engineering sciences and technology to achieve strategic advances in complex engineered systems and firm-level technologies necessary for the sustainable development of the country.


CESDR is envisioned to become a Center of Excellence in engineering research and technology innovations. It aims to make significant contributions to the growing scientific knowledge in engineering and technology. It shall engage in experimental research and modeling of industrial systems and development of innovative processes and products that shall lead to utilization of sustainable technologies. It shall facilitate the effective transfer of these technologies from the academic research community to industry and society in the pursuit of sustainable development.


  • To provide an intellectually and culturally vibrant environment for academics and students in which teaching and research in the engineering field can proceed as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • To enhance the productivity of faculty members and students in the different Centers of Excellence by carrying out research and development for the implementation of practical and effective solutions for the industry and society.
  • To contribute to the economic and social development of the nation by promoting sustainable technology.
  • To provide the training ground for future engineering scientists and researchers of participating departments through education, research and publication.
  • To gain international recognition in the scientific community.
  • To strengthen close collaboration with the industry, government and other stakeholders including the civil society.



Contact Information

Dr. Jose Bienvenido Biona, PhD

De La Salle University – Manila
Tel: (632) 5244611 loc. 275