College of Science Center for Natural Sciences and Environmental Research


"CENSER is a dynamic conduit and resource for excellent scholarship in the natural sciences and mathematics. Envisioned as an initiator and a promoter, the center will continually challenge itself for innovation and leadership in advancing the frontiers of scientific knowledge. With tradition rooted in Christian ethics which is imbued with deep sense of moral responsibility, the Center would constantly be a catalyst for socially-relevant researches that extends into the wider horizon of human exigencies."


  • Promote a culture of relevant, advanced, multi-and inter-disciplinary research in the College of Science (COS).
  • Facilitate the dissemination of research outputs and transfer of technology.
  • Foster intellectual exchange of ideas.
  • Encourage critical discussion on the social and cultural implications of research activities.
  • Strengthen linkages with other research institutions and agencies.
  • Uphold the virtue of intellectual integrity and honesty in research.
  • Provide the appropriate venue, support, and incentives to COS faculty and colleagues involved in research.
  • Inspire and deepen camaraderie among S&T researchers.



  • Host externally funded research projects of COS faculty to which it will provide basic administrative and clerical services.
  • Contain and maintain common pool equipment such as computer workstations and networks, land vehicles, boats, diving equipment, etc. that are to be shared among faculty researchers and are primarily (but not exclusively) for their and their apprentices use. These equipment will be raised from external funding although teaching departments may opt to rent or loan other facilities to CENSER.


Organizational Structure

The Council will set the direction and formulate policies and guidelines aimed at encouraging research activities. The Governing Council comprises the COS Dean, CENSER Director, two representatives each from the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Departments, and the Deputy Director (MBS), Graduate Studies Director, Manila Journal of Science Editor-in-Chief, and the URCO Director as ex-officio members. An elected member chosen among departmental representatives chairs the council. The term of office of the Chair is valid for one school year. The CENSER Governing council will perform the duties of the College Research Council (i.e. research proposal evaluation and other relevant functions).