Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (VCRI)


To foster and support research scholarship and creative activity among the members of the academic community.


To have established and implemented a comprehensive funding and support structure for research at par with the leading research universities in the region.


The Office

  • Coordinates all research activities in the university.
  • Oversees ethical, administrative, and regulatory compliance of scholarly activities in the university.
  • Ensures efficient dissemination of research works.
  • Assists the academic community in the protection of scholarly output such as licensing, patenting and/or copyrighting.
  • Develops and coordinates reward and incentive systems for dissemination, publication, and commercial applications of scholarly works.
  • Supports critical research initiatives in the university; recommends and promulgates new policies on research.
  • Represents the academic community's broad research interests in external and internal research organizations, private and public sector institutions, funding agencies, and research foundations.

Strategic Research Goals

  • Alleviate poverty
  • Promote peace and social justice
  • Protect the welfare of women, youth at risk, and other vulnerable sectors of society
  • Create wealth and resources to bridge the various societal divides
  • Provide models and avenues for stewardship of God’s creation
  • Influence policy, governance, and the management of institutions

Strategic Research Areas/Research Themes

  • Food, Nutrition and Health (e.g. biochemistry of food products, science and engineering of potable water, cancer risks and cure from food, sensory labs, economic impact studies of nutrition programs in schools)
  • Sustainability, the Environment, and Energy (e.g. climate change, eco-design of houses and urban centers, industrial ecology, nano-carbon tubes, solar-powered tricycles and sheds)
  • Women, Children and Family (e.g. studies on gender, OFW families, microfinance, laws for the protection of human rights, impact of globalization on the average Filipino family)
  • Living Culture and Contemporary Societies (e.g. history, digital art, languages, comparative literature, human-computer interfaces, study of social networks on the Web, impact of globalization on the mobility of students and workers)
  • Learners and Learning Innovations (e.g. impact studies on K to 12, ICT-based learning, transformative learning, software and gadgets for learning, assessment of the public school system)

Offices under VCRI

Contact Information

Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation (VCRI)

Third Floor, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall De La Salle University
2401 Taft Avenue 
1004 Manila, Philippines

Telefax: 536-4226
Tel. No. (632) 524-4611 local 401, 586