Faculty Research Program (FRP)

The Faculty Research Program (FRP) provides funds for faculty research or materials development projects, deloading from teaching or an honorarium.  It also encourages the different colleges/school to identify their own research thrust areas.   Research projects funded by FRP may be basic, applied, or materials development.   Materials development projects may take the form of developing or evaluating textbooks and instructional materials that will meet the current needs of DLSU students.  Fund support is also given to thesis/dissertation projects, creative works, humanities projects, review articles, book/article manuscript writing program, and interdisciplinary research projects.

Who may apply?

  • Academic Teaching and Academic Service Faculty Member -  are qualified to apply; priority is given to those with full-time status.
  • Probationary Faculty Member  - qualify as co-proponents upon the recommendation of the dean/department chair; in meritorious cases, they may be considered as principal proponents provided that the project duration does not go beyond their appointment period.
  • Part-time, half-time, full-time fixed term faculty members– may qualify as co-proponents upon the recommendation of the dean and the department chair. In meritorious cases, they maybe considered as principal part-time proponents, provided that they must have taught at DLSU-Manila for at least two (2) consecutive terms and must have a proven research experience.
  • Visiting Exchange Faculty Members– with research experience may qualify as proponents provided that the project duration will not go beyond their appointment period.

The principal proponent for team projects is usually a permanent full-time faculty member.

How to Apply?

  1. Watch out for the trimestral deadlines for the submission of proposal to URCO.
  2. Download proposal forms from the Intranet or get forms from URCO. In filling it out, consult the
    accompanying guides for project proposal approval, schedule of critical/research activities and budget preparation.
  3. Have the accomplished proposal form signed by your CRC representative and department chair.
    If you are a part-time faculty member, you must also secure the signature of your Dean.
  4. Submit the duly accomplished proposal form to URCO on or before the specified deadline. URCO will undertake initial screening ofproposals to make sure the necessary information is indicated.  If there are questions/clarifications regarding your proposal, the URCO Coordinator for Research Programs and Events will communicate with you regarding this matter.

For more information and details, please refer to the Policies and Guidelines for Internally-Funded Research Projects, Review Article Policies, Book/Article Manuscript Writing Program, and Downloadable forms.