Issuance of Transfer Credentials

The “Transfer Credentials” (formerly referred to as “Honorable Dismissal”) is a document certifying that a student has no pending accountabilities with the school and is eligible for transfer to another educational institution.

As such, the Transfer Credentials is a permanent termination of studies at De La Salle University-Manila.


Section 71 of the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools (8th Edition, 1992) provides the following in connection with the transfer of students and transfer credentials:

  • A student enrolled in one school is entitled to transfer to another school, provided
    he has no unsettled obligations with the school he was enrolled in.
  • Every student who applied for and is eligible to transfer should be provided by the school he is enrolled in with appropriate transfer credentials which will entitle him to admission in another school of his choice, subject to the latter’s policies and regulations on the admission of transfer students.
  • A transfer credential signed by the school registrar shall be issued not later than two weeks after the filing of the application for transfer, provided that, in the case of a student who is a transferee from another school, his records from his previous school have been received, are complete, and in order.


A student applying for Transfer Credentials must secure the signature from the following:

Clearance Table
Offices Undergraduate Student Graduate Student
Office of the Admissions and Scholarships *  
PE Department *  
Student Affairs *  
Computer Laboratory *  
Science Laboratory *  
Engineering Laboratory *  
Libraries * *
Student Discipline Formation Office * *
Accounting Office * *
Department * *
Office of the Dean * *
(if student is below 18 years old)
* *


The Certification of Transfer Credentials may be requested through the following steps:

  1. Accomplish the Application for Transfer Credentials Form (Form No. R-99), available at the Enrollment Services Hub (ESH).
  2. Secure the required signatures.
  3. Submit the form to the ESH Staff for assessment of fees.
  4. Pay the assessed amount to the Cashier and have the form machine validated.
  5. Return the form to the ESH Staff and present the Official Receipt.
  6. On the scheduled date of release indicated on the Official Receipt, claim the Certification of Transfer Credentials at the ESH.