Students enroll in “residency” for purposes of being classified and considered as bonafide students.


Students not enrolled but need to frequently enter the campus shall be required to enroll in undergraduate residency. The undergraduate residency comes in two forms—the Academic Residency and the Non-Academic Residency.

Students on residency will have their IDs validated for the covered term. Those who are on academic residency are deemed as bonafide students for the covered term.

The Academic Residency (AR) is intended for students who have no other course to enroll in their program but need to enter the campus for consultation with faculty members. An example would be a student whose thesis has been deferred.

Qualified students may enroll in AR during any trimester. Trimesters with Academic Residency are counted in reckoning the official date of graduation.

It is important to note that a student who does not intend to enroll for a specific term for whatever reason, but still has remaining units to enroll, is not allowed to enroll in Academic Residency, but should file for a Leave of Absence (LOA).

A student on LOA may not enter the campus. As such, no residency, whether academic or non-academic, shall be granted to students on LOA.

On the other hand, the Non-Academic Residency (NAR) is intended for students who need to enter the campus for co-curricular activities, as determined by the Dean of Student Affairs. The NAR is intended for the summer term only.

A student, on his own, may not enroll for NAR. It is the Dean of Student Affairs who initiates enrollment for NAR.

On the other hand, enrollment in NAR results from an office-to-office transaction involving the Dean of Student Affairs, the Information Technology Services Director and the University Registrar.

Graduate Students

Graduate students (those in masters, doctoral, certificate and diploma programs) are required to enroll in residency during terms when they will not be enrolled in regular/special courses.

Enrollment in residency for non-undergraduate students is done through the Animo.sys portal, with the option to pay by credit card.