Request for Documents

Reminders before you request for documents:

  • Clear any financial or academic hold on your records.
    Current students may view the clearance via this link

  • Check if grades have been posted (for recently-awarded grades only)
    One week after grade consultation day, only grades posted in will appear on your Transcript of Records

  • Check the schedule for requesting Transcript of Records with Date of Graduation (for graduating students only)
    Please check the schedule via this link /offices/registrar/schedules/graduation_activities.pdf

Online Request

Request for Transcript of Records online.

For on-line requests, assessment is done electronically, payment via credit card, and delivery via courier. Please indicate any special instruction in the comment/message box.

Manual Request

To request for the Transcript of Records manually, please visit the Enrollment Services Hub and follow the procedures below:

  1. Download the form REQUEST FOR DOCUMENTS (Form No. UR-01-201507) or secure it at the Enrollment Services Hub.

  2. Fill out the form and submit it to the Enrollment Services Hub for assessment. (See Schedule of Fees)

    NOTES: The requesting party may opt to download the form and have it assessed by the Enrollment Services Hub. Please advise the support staff at The Hub for any special instruction.

  3. Pay the assessed amount at the Accounting Office or at The Hub's counters 14 and 15, and have the form machine validated.

  4. Return the form to the The Hub and present the Official Receipt.

  5. On the scheduled date of release indicated in the Official Receipt, claim the Transcript of Records at the The Hub.


To claim the Transcript of Records, the following options are available:

The Transcript of Records may be picked up personally. The DLSU ID (student) or any valid ID (alumnus) and the Official Receipt for the payment of the Transcript of Records need to be presented.

The Transcript of Records may be picked up by a proxy/representative. A duly-accomplished and signed PROXY REQUEST OF RECORDS (Form UR-06-201308) needs to be presented.