Guidelines for Online Submission of Final Grades

  1. The submission of final grades is done through the active My.LaSalle account [] of the faculty. Note: Best accessed through Internet Explorer web browser.

  2. The following computer laboratories may be used for on-line submission of final grades: LS335, LS229, Y602, V103, G304A, A1706 and the Faculty Corner at the Learning Commons.

  3. All courses assigned to the faculty should be accounted for in the on-line submission of final grades. Problems on the on-line submission of grades may be coordinated with Mr. Don Calig (Ext. 113) of the Office of the University Registrar.

  4. The following are the important regular activities related to final grades:
Activity Coverage Venue
Online submission of final grades All faculty members
Grade Consultation Day All faculty members As assigned and scheduled by the academic department
Online Correction of Grades All faculty members with correction in grades entered online(without paperwork)
Online Change of Grades All faculty members with correction/ change in grades entered online (with paperwork)
  1. During the period for online submission of final grades, entries may be done temporarily and changed for an unlimited number of times, using the “save” button. However, once the “submit” button is clicked, the final grades may not be changed anymore, except through the correction of grade or change of grade procedures.

  2. The confirmation number issued by the system once the final grades are submitted is important and must be kept in the files of the faculty. The submitted final grades may be printed for reference purposes only.

  3. Final grades submitted through memos/letters will not be accepted by the Office of the University Registrar. Beyond the period for online submission of grades, faculty members may enter the final grades only through the online change of grade facility.

  4. To change final grades after the on-line submission of final grades and the online correction of grade, the change of grade procedures will apply.

  5. The Office of the University Registrar will distribute the Final Grade Proof list two (2) working days after your submission of final grades (using “submit” button), with the final grades entered on-line already pre-printed, for verification. Note: For grades submitted on the last day of submission, Final Grade Prooflist will be available after three (3) working days after Online Correction of Grades.