Application for Change of Grades

The application for change of grades involves a combination of electronic and manual procedures, as follows:

  1. On-line application form. The form to be used by the faculty member in applying for a change of grade is electronic and available only on-line through the link “Request for Change of Grade” in the My.LaSalle account. Note: Best accessed through Internet Explorer web browser.
    • The form is electronic to enable the system to integrate into the application for change of grade certain internal control checks which includes the verification that the faculty member applying for the change of grade is the faculty in-charge who submitted the original grade. At the same time, the electronic form allows the history of change of grade of the faculty member to be loaded into the face of the form.

  2. Data entry. After the electronic application form is displayed, the faculty member may enter the data required by the system. These data include the course code/section, the School Year/term, the ID number of the student, and the original grade submitted.

  3. Printing of the electronic form. After completing the electronic application to change grade, one (1) copy of the form needs to be printed and submitted for signatures.
    • As the electronic application to change grade is merely an application, the electronic form needs to be printed to enable approving signatures to be affixed on it.
    • Unlike the submission of final grades, which does not require approval, changing grades needs the approval of several administrators from the Chair to the Dean (in cases when the application to change grade is within the deadline) and up to the Vice Chancellor for Academics (VCA) (in cases when the application is beyond the deadline).
    • The accomplishment and printing of the electronic application to change grade will not automatically change the grade originally submitted.

  4. Approval. After the electronic application to change grade has been printed and signed by the faculty member, the printed form should undergo the usual round of signatures, in the sequence indicated on the form itself.

  5. Recording. After all the required signatures have been affixed, the printed form needs to be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar for electronic recording (using the bar-code on the form). It is only at this stage that the original grade on record is changed to a new one.
    • Approved change of grade forms need to be received at the OUR not later than one(1) week from grade consultation day.

  6. For problems with the on-line application for change of grades, please call Mr. Jose Gregorio Calig (Ext. 113).