Leave of Absence

The term “Leave of Absence” (LOA) refers to an absence from the university. Students on LOA are not enrolled in any course, are not considered bonafide students, and are not allowed to enter the campus except as occasional visitors to transact with certain offices.

Moreover, students on LOA are not permitted to enroll and study in another educational institution. No course taken by students on LOA from another school may be credited towards the completion of the program in this university.

Undergraduate students are assumed to enroll on a continuous basis until their program is completed. Any break in enrollment requires the filing of a Leave of Absence. An approved LOA is a permission from the university to temporarily interrupt studies. As a general rule, it carries with it an implied guarantee to accept the student as a returnee, subject to other policies of the university.

There is no Leave of Absence for Graduate students (those in masters, doctorate, certificate and diploma programs). Students in these programs are required to enroll in residency during terms when they will not be enrolled in regular/special courses.


To file for a Leave of Absence, the steps below must be followed:

1. Proceed to the Enrollment Services Hub and request for a referral slip for the Application for Leave of Absence (OUR Form No. E-01);

2. Pay the assessed amount either at the Accounting Office or through E-purse;

3. Present Official Receipt to the Hub Staff to claim Application for Leave of Absence;

4. Accomplish all fields in the Application for Leave of Absence Form and have it signed by the following in the sequence below:

  • Parent/Guardian
  • Discipline Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Office of the Vice Dean

5. Submit the accomplished Application for Leave of Absence Form (3 copies) at the Enrollment Services Hub not later than the end of the Midterm Week. Forms with incomplete information and signatures will not be accepted for processing. A Document Tracking System (DTS) Number will be issued as evidence of receipt of the Application for Leave of Absence Form

6. The application for LOA shall be deemed final and valid upon the signature of the College Dean/Vice Dean and the University Registrar. Submission of the application form to the Office of the University Registrar does not mean that the same is approved. It is therefore important for the student to inquire about the decision of the application through the DTS view facility after three (3) working days from the date of submission.

7. Claim the approved Application for Leave of Absence form at the Office of the Vice Dean for record and reference purposes.


Claims for refund are made according to the policies of the Commission on Higher Education, as follows:

Deadline Refund

Refund Table
Deadline Refund
Before the start of the term 100%
End of Week 1 of the term 90%
End of Week 2 of the term 80%

No refund shall be made after the second week of the term, regardless of whether the student has attended classes or not.
All checks for tuition refund, regardless of date of dropping within the applicable refund period, are released at the Accounting Office.


To return, a student with or without a valid LOA for all the trimesters of absence proceeds to the Office of the Vice Dean during the schedule of enrollment for returnees.

Students are considered AWOL if they are not enrolled for a particular term, either as a regular student or in residency. As such, they shall be assessed a returnee fee upon resumption of enrollment.