Honorary Degree Awardees

Year Name Degree
1956 Ariston Estrada Doctor of Philosophy
  A. Peter Graves FSC Doctor of Education
1957 U. Alphonsus Bloemen FSC Doctor of Education
  Ramon Magsaysay Doctor of Laws and Letters (posthumous)
1958 Rufino J. Cardinal Santos, DD Doctor of Ecclesiastical Finance
1959 Leo Cullum, SJ Doctor of Education
1960 Gerardo Cinco Doctor of Science
  Edmunde Delbeke, ICM Doctor of Education
1962 Nicet Joseph FSC Doctor of Education
  Jerome West FSC Doctor of Education
1964 Gerard Mongeau, DD Doctor of Science in Educational Administration
  Carlos P. Romulo Doctor of Science in Educational Administration
  Pilar Hidalgo Lim Doctor of Pedagogy
1965 Esperanza Cu Unjieng, RA Doctor of Education
  William Brasseur, DD Doctor of Education
1966 Julio Cardinal Rosales, DD Doctor of Humanities
1967 Mohammed Khir Johari Doctor of Education
  James J. Meany, SJ Doctor of Education
1968 Lorenzo M. Tanada Doctor of Education
  Ignacia Magdalena, RVM Doctor of Education
  Han Lih-Wu Doctor of Education
1969 Julio X. Labayen, DD Doctor of Education
  James Carey FSC Doctor of Education
  Joseph Damian Teston, FMS Doctor of Education
  Harry Hansen Doctor of Education
1970 Norberto de Ramos Doctor of Education
  Godofrieda Baumeister, OSB Doctor of Education
1971 Stephen Fuller Doctor of Business Education
1972 Guillermo Guevara Doctor of Education
  Theodore Brings Doctor of Education
1973 Miriam Thomas Thornton, MM Doctor of Education
1974 Carlos J. Hilado Doctor of Applied Science
  Jose Soriano Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Development
  Paul Lauby Doctor of Education
  Tsiang Yien-Si Doctor of Development Education
1975 Dong-Jo Kim Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
  James L. Sin, DD Doctor of Humane Letters
1976 Mary Hollnsteiner Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
  Tong-jin Park Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
1977 Washington Sycip Doctor of Philosophy in Financial Management
1978 Hanz Menzi Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
1979 Geronimo Z. Velasco Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Management Engineering
  Paul Zwaenepoel, CICM Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
1981 Edward Teller Doctor of Natural Science
  Ramon V. del Rosario Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
1982 Jose Pablo Basterrechea FSC Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  Vicente R. Jayme Doctor of Management
  Manuel S. Alba Doctor of Management Education
  Tai Yu-lin Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
  Alfonso T. Yuchengco Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
1983 Enrique Zobel Doctor of Business Management
1984 Charles C.K. Lui Doctor of Business Management
  Jose A. Cruz, SJ Doctor of Educational Management
  Carlos J. Valdes Doctor of Business Management
1985 Jaime Zobel de Ayala Doctor of Business Management
  Dante G. Santos Doctor of Business Management
  Eugene A. Nida Doctor of Humane Letters
1986 Chatri Sophonpanich Doctor of Business Management
  Jose S. Concepcion, Jr. Doctor of Humane Letters
  Joseph Cardinal Hoffner Doctor of Management of Social Services
1987 Cecilia Muñoz Palma Doctor Humane Letters
1988 Haruo Nishihara Doctor of Educational Management
1989 Su Nan-Cheng Doctor of Management in Public Management
  Gen Hirose Doctor of Business Management
  Jeffrey L. S. Koo Doctor of Management in Business Management
  Edgardo J. Angara Doctor of Educational Management
1990 Bienvenido N. Santos Doctor of Arts in Language and Literature
  Ricardo J. Romulo Doctor of Education
  Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka Doctor of Financial Management
1991 Toshiki Kaifu Doctor of Management in the Administration of Public Affairs
  Claudio R. de Luzuriaga, Jr. Doctor of Business Management
  Marcelo B. Fernan Doctor of Management in the Administration of Public Affairs
1992 Oscar J. Hilado Doctor of Business Management
1993 Tun Ismail Bin Mohamed Ali Doctor of Management
1994 Chiu-Hsiong Huang Doctor of Business Management
1995 Mario D. Camacho Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
  Shoji Umemura Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
  Takayasu Okushima Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management
  Francisco Sionil Jose Doctor of Philosophy in Humane Letters
1996 Emilio T. Yap Doctor of Philosophy in Communications Management
  Roberto F. de Ocampo Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
  Yoshifumi Matsuda Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
  Yuji Naito Doctor of Philosophy in Health Economics
1997 Dom Bernardo Ma. Perez, OSB Doctor of Humane Letters
  Daisaku Ikeda Doctor of Humane Letters (International Education)
  Angelo Caloia Doctor of Philosophy in Finance
1998 Consuelo Madrigal Collantes Doctor of Science (Business Management)
  Teodoro R. Padilla Doctor of Laws
1999 Henry Sy, Sr. Doctor of Science (Business Management)
2000 Pao Shih-Tien Doctor of Science (Educational Management)
2001 Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran Doctor of Humanities (International Relations)
  Justice Hilario Davide, Jr. Doctor of Laws
  Edith L. Tiempo Doctor of Humanities
  Louis John Michael Jacques FSC Doctor of Humanities
2002 David Booth Doctor of Science
  Prathip Martin Komolmas, FSG Doctor of Educational Management
2003 Yohei Kono Doctor of Philosophy in Public Management
  Ester Albano Garcia Doctor of Laws
  Yong Pung How Doctor of Philosophy in the Management of Financial Institutions
2004 Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, SJ Doctor of Science (Science Development)
2005 Eduardo G. Fajardo Doctor of Humanities
2006 Ingrid S. Santamaria Doctor of Music (Music Education)
  Gelia T. Castillo Doctor of Science (Rural Sociology)
2007 William Mann FSC Doctor of Humanities
  Robert Alexander Mundell Doctor of Humanities
2008 David Jonathan Gross Doctor of Science
  Manuel T. Yan Doctor of Humanities
  James D. Wolfensohn Doctor of Humanities
2009 Jose Ramos-Horta Doctor of Humanities
  Victor M. Ordonez Doctor of Humanities
2010 Torsten N. Wiesel  Doctor of Science
  Br. Alvaro Rodriguez Echiveria FSC Doctor of Humanities
  Oscar M. Lopez Doctor of Humanities
2011 Dr. Robert Sternberg Doctor of Humanities
2012 Dr. Richard Fred Heck Doctor of Science
2015 Dr. Ada Yonath Doctor of Science
2016 Br. Robert Schieler FSC Doctor of Pedagogy
  Dr. Edgardo D. Gomez Doctor of Science
  Dr. Eric S. Maskin Doctor of Economics Sciences
  Dr. Mario Vargas Llosa Doctor of Literature
2017 Dr. George T. Yang Doctor of Humanities
  Dr. Hideaki Kasai Doctor of Science
2018 Dr. Michael R.I. Purvis Doctor of Engineering
  Dr. Jose T. Pardo Doctor of Science in Finance