Registration into the different courses (subjects), termed as enrollment, is done through an on-line facility in the Animo.sys portal.

“On-line enrollment” means that the encoding of courses to be taken can be done wherever there is Internet access, even off-campus.

You may download a brochure (pdf) of the Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding undergraduate enrollment.

You may download a brochure (pdf) about graduate enrollment.

You may visit the enrollment schedules.

The entire enrollment activity consists of the following steps:

1. Reactivate your “My.LaSalle” (MLS) Account

  • Only students who have not paid their tuition fee within the deadline of payment need to reactivate their accounts. The Official Receipt number will be required in order to activate the MLS account.

  • You might need to reactivate your account.

  • Students who lost their Official Receipt can have this reprinted at the Accounting Office .

  • Students who are under scholarship from the University (SFA, faculty development, staff development, etc.) need to check if their student accounts are still active.

  • Graduate students enrolled in residency in the current term may also enroll their courses for the following term on-line.

2. Academic Advising

  • First, settle clearances based on the enrollment schedule.

  • For undergraduate students, academic advising is done by referring to the academic program flowchart/checklist, where the list of courses included in the curriculum (and their requisite conditions) are indicated. Refer to the course offering and actual count here.

  • For the graduate students, academic advising refers to the following steps:

  • Check the courses (and their respective course codes) offered for the following term, these maybe posted at the bulletin boards of the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), the Office of the Graduate Studies Director, and the Academic Departments.

  • Discuss the courses you intend to enroll in, including alternative courses, with the Graduate Program Coordinator of your academic department.

  • Only regular courses and residency may be enrolled on-line. Thesis/Dissertation Writing and Defense, special classes and comprehensive examinations have to be enrolled manually at the OUR. Please refer to the enrollment schedule .

  • Copy the course codes and other course details (such as schedule, room, etc.) carefully.

3. On-Line Enrollment

  • On the specific schedule (date and time) of on-line enrollment, students should log in to their Animo.sys account, through an Internet-enabled computer.

  • Graduate students need to log in using their student account.

  • The on-line enrollment is generally open from

    • 0800hrs to 1900hrs (Mondays to Fridays) and from
    • 0800hrs to 1200hrs (Saturdays).

  • The specific schedules and procedures of on-line enrollment are found here.

  • The following computer labs are also available for on-line enrollment use:

  • Y602
  • G304
  • L229
  • L335
  • V103
  • A1706

4. Claiming of Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)

  • The Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF), containing the list and schedule of courses enrolled and the assessment will be available for claiming on the specified enrollment schedule at the Office of the Vice Dean (for both undergraduate and graduate studies students)

5. Adjustment

  • The term “adjustment” refers to late enrollment or a revision of the selection of courses/section made during enrollment.

  • For undergraduate students, adjustment comes in three schedules:

  • Advanced adjustment (for late enrollees, transferees, shiftees)
  • Regular adjustment (for adding/dropping of courses due to failures)
  • Special adjustment (for changing of sections and other late enrollees, subject to a special adjustment fee and EAF reprinting fee)
  • Transactions in connection with the advanced adjustment are done at the Office of the Vice Dean on the specified schedule during the finals week.

  • Transactions in connection with the regular and special adjustment are done on-line on the specified schedule before the start of the term.

6. Payment

  • After enrollment, students should proceed to the Accounting Office with their original or revised EAF for payment of the assessed amount.

  • Payments made when the term has started will be assessed a surcharge.

  • Students may also pay their tuition over the counter at any UCPB branch nationwide. For the procedures, click UCPB.