Students are considered enrolled in their courses that appear on their Enrollment Assessment Forms (EAF) that are issued by the Office of the University Registrar.

Students who fail to drop/withdraw a course(s) are considered officially enrolled in the course(s) and are therefore, covered by all the provisions applicable to enrolled students.
For purposes of official academic records, dropped courses do not appear in the Transcript of Records and are treated as if these were not enrolled. Withdrawn courses, however, appear in the Transcript of Records as a “W.”


Generally, dropping of courses may be done on-line through the Animo.sys portal during the given schedules.

However, the following are not allowed to drop on-line:

  • First-year undergraduate students
  • Upperclass undergraduate students whose total number of academic units enrolled will fall below 12 units (after dropping of courses)
  • Graduate student on their first term of enrollment.
  • Graduate student dropping ENG501M or ENG502M

For these students, dropping of courses may be done through the accomplishment and submission of OUR Form No. E-02 . This form requires the approval of the Vice Dean and must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Hub within the deadline.

Withdrawal of courses, on the other hand, may be done on-line. Course withdrawal is not available to undergraduate students, except to withdraw all enrolled courses, termed as Leave of Absence .

IMPORTANT: Students who have dropped or withdrawn a course(s) need to claim their revised Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) to make the transaction official. The revised EAF is available at the Enrollment Services Hub.

Deadline for dropping/withdrawal

The table below shows the deadline for the dropping/withdrawal of courses.

Type Undergraduate Graduate Studies Certificate/Diploma
Dropping End of Week 4 of the term End of Week 2 of the term End of Week 2 of the term
Withdrawal Not Allowed End of Week 7 of the term End of Week 7 of the term


Claims for refund are made according to the policies of the Commission on Higher Education, as follows:

Refund Table
Deadline Refund
Before the start of the term 100%
End of Week 1 of the term 90%
End of Week 2 of the term 80%

No refund shall be made after the second week of the term, regardless of whether the
student has attended classes or not.

All checks for tuition refund, regardless of date of dropping within the applicable refund period, are released at the Accounting Office by week 12.