Issuance of Diploma

The Diploma is a legal document that certifies the completion of a degree program. The President and the University Registrar sign the Diploma.

The counterpart of the document Diploma for non-degree programs (certificate/diploma programs) is the Certificate, which is signed by the Vice Chancellor for Academics and the College Dean

Date of graduation

The official date of graduation shall be the end of the term during which all academic requirements have been completed and in some cases, submitted to the Office of the University Registrar, notwithstanding completion of final academic requirements (such as Thesis, Comprehensive Exam, and the like) at an earlier date. The official date of graduation shall be the same date printed on the Diploma.

For non-degree programs, the official date of completion corresponds to the official date of graduation.

Replacement diploma

The ORIGINAL DIPLOMA is issued only once. However, the school entertains requests for the issuance of a DUPLICATE DIPLOMA, subject to the following:

  • that the DUPLICATE DIPLOMA will be in the nature of a certified true copy of the original, to be signed by the University Registrar, on behalf of the original signatories;

  • that the words “Duplicate Copy“ are printed on the DUPLICATE DIPLOMA;

  • that the ORIGINAL DIPLOMA shall be rendered null and void in the records of De La Salle University and shall be considered as such when presented for verification/authentication and for other purposes;

  • that the DUPLICATE DIPLOMA may be issued only once and should the same be damaged or lost thereafter, no request for this document may be further entertained, without prejudice to the issuance of a certification of graduation by De La Salle University, upon request;

  • that, the acceptance of the application for DUPLICATE DIPLOMA does not bind nor obligate De La Salle University-Manila into issuing the same when its records show that a DUPLICATE DIPLOMA has been previously issued, and, as a consequence of which, the requesting party converts this request to that of an issuance of a Certification of Graduation, without recourse to any refund;

  • that, in case of lost ORIGINAL DIPLOMA, a duly-notarized Affidavit of Loss must be submitted; and

  • that, in case of damaged ORIGINAL DIPLOMA, the same must be surrendered to the Office of the University Registrar for appropriate disposition.

Releasing period (graduates of 2001 onwards)

For graduates starting Academic Year 2001-02, the Office of the University Registrar automatically sends the Diploma to the graduate through courier after about one (1) month from the date of the Commencement Exercises.

No request for the release of the Diploma is necessary. Moreover, there is no need for the physical presence of the graduate. Graduates leaving the country, such as international students, need not wait for the release of the Diploma.

The diploma is sent to the address indicated in the Application to Graduate.

The Office of the University Registrar takes care of having the clearance processed by the different offices and units in the University. However, graduates with pending accountabilities need to settle their obligations first before the diploma can be released.

For graduates who need credentials about the completion of their programs (pending the release of the Diploma), the Office of the University Registrar may issue, upon request, an official certification that they have graduated from the University and Transcript of Records.

Releasing period (graduates before 2001)

Graduates before Academic Year 2001-02 who have not, to date, claimed their Diploma may have these documents delivered through the Express Diploma Delivery.

For instructions on how to avail of the Express Diploma Delivery, please email the Enrollment Services Hub via this link: