Cross Enrollment

There are three (3) types of cross enrollment at De La Salle University

  1. Inbound, for students in other institutions, in the Philippines or abroad, who wish to register in specific courses (subjects) at De La Salle University, withoutpursuing earning a degree or completing a program.

  2. Outbound, for DLSU-Manila students wishing to register in specific courses (subjects) at other educational institutions, in the Philippines or abroad, for the purpose of credit to their program at De La Salle University.

  3. Special, whether inbound or outbound, for students in schools where special arrangements have been agreed upon, such as the South Manila Educational Consortium (SMEC).

For queries on cross enrollment, please email, using as subject of the email "cross enrollment."

Inbound Cross-Enrollment

Inbound cross-enrollment is subject to availability of courses for the particular School Year and Term and availability of slots in those courses.

Parties intending to cross enroll at De La Salle University should submit the requirements below, at least two (2) weeks before the start of the term, to:

The University Registrar
De La Salle University
2401 Taft Avenue, Manila 1004

  1. A formal signed letter containing the following:

    1. The reason for selecting De La Salle University
    2. The specific School Year and Term to cross enroll at De La Salle University. The academic calendar of De La Salle University may be viewed at /offices/registrar/calendar/default.asp
    3. The specific courses/subjects, including course descriptions, to be cross enrolled in
    4. Contact details such as email address and postal address
  2. Cross-enrollment permit from home school (if course/s is for credit in your respective program in the home school)
  3. Medical clearance report (to be validated by Medical Officer of DLSU)
  4. Letter of recommendation / Certification of good moral character
  5. For students in schools outside the Philippines, a separate set of the above requirements must be submitted to:

International Center
External Relations and Internationalization Office (ERIO)
14th Floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall
2401 Taft Avenue, Malate
1004 Manila, Philippines

International students are assumed to be cross-enrolling for a period less than one (1) year. For these cases, a Special Study Permit may be obtained in lieu of a Student Visa.

The concerned offices will communicate with the interested parties for further details, steps and requirements once the request to cross enroll has been evaluated.

Outbound Cross-Enrollment

Approval of outbound cross enrollment is based on the following policies:

  1. The course/subject is not offered at De La Salle University on the School Year and Term on which it will be cross enrolled in another institution.
  2. The school where the student will cross enroll in has a comparable standard of education with De La Salle University.
  3. Only general education courses, as a general rule, may be cross enrolled in another school.

Students intending to cross enroll in another school should submit the accomplished and signed Outbound Cross-Enrollment Permit Form to the Enrollment Service Hub (ESH) one (1) week before the actual need for it. A copy of the form may be downloaded at /offices/registrar/_pdf/E05.pdf.

The approved form may be picked up after one (1) week from its submission.

Special Cross-Enrollment

Students from South Manila Educational Consortium (SMEC) follow the same procedures described above but are accorded priority through an SMEC Cross Enrollment Coordinator, Mr. Niño Ramiro, Senior Lead Staff of the Enrollment and Evaluation Section of the Office of the University Registrar.