Downloadable Forms

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UR-01 Request for Documents
UR-06 Proxy Request of Records
C-05 Authorization to Release Records
EN-09 Permit to Cross Enroll
E-11 Application for Audit Course
E-12 Application for Special Final Exams
E-13 Section Transfer Form
E-19 Qualification for Employee Discount
E-26 Application for Oral COMPRE Exam (For Graduate Students Only)
E-30 Inbound Cross-Enrollment Form
E-31 Enrollment in Project Paper/Practicum
E-33 Application for ROTC Amnesty
EN-05 Application for Special Class
EN-04 Application for Manual Dropping
EN-18 Application for Thesis/Dissertation Defense (For Graduate Students Only)
EN-19 Enrollment of Thesis/Dissertation Writing (For Graduate Students Only)
EN-20 Application for Written COMPRE Exam (For Graduate Students Only)
EN-31 Course Crediting Form (For Undergraduate Students Only)
EN-22 Course Crediting Form (For Graduate Students Only)
E-30A Application for Special Student (Non-Degree Student)
EN-34 Application for Inter-Campus Enrollment
F-01 Faculty Attendance Form
M-02 Materials Requisition Checklist (Finals)
R-15 Grade Discrepancy Report Form
R-21A Proposal Defense Panel Report
R-21B Final Defense Panel Report
R-22 OCE Panel Report
R-23 Panel Chair Report
R-24 WCE Panel Report
R-50 Request for Change of Information
R-71 Course Profile Form
S-01A Program Completion (For Students in Diploma Programs Only)
S-08 Request for Recognition of Departmental Awards
S-11 Request for Scanning of Answer Sheets
  RVR GSB Statement of Undertaking
 Thesis Approval Form
 Hybrid Class Form