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The De La Salle University Publishing House (formerly the Academic Publications Office) is the publishing center of the University. It foregrounds the University's mission of excellence in research and education by publishing academic and trade books, textbooks, and scholarly journals – in both print and electronic editions.

Book Publications
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2014 Publications

The Secret of Living Up to 96: The Joy of Taking Care of Dad

Tereso S. Tullao, Jr.

Php 270.00
ISBN 978-971-555-618-7
142 pages

Homeless in Unhomeliness: Postcolonial Critiques of Philippine Literature

J. Neil Garcia

Php 440.00
ISBN - 978-971-555-598-2
312 pages

From Exceptionality to Exceptional: Inclusion of Differently Abled Persons in the Workplace
Roberto E. Javier, Jr.,
Feorillo Petronilo A. Demeterio III,
Raymund B. Habaradas, Melvin A. Jabar,
Ron R. Resurreccion, and Unilab Foundation

Php 390.00
ISBN 978-971-555-604-0
270 pages

Rethinking Business: Responsibility and Sustainability, Governance and Finance

edited by
Raymund B. Habaradas and Denver Bingski D. Daradar

Php 460.00
ISBN 978-971-555-616-3
284 pages

Nicolas Machiavelli: Ang Prinsipe

Salin ni:
Anthony Lawrence A. Borja
ISBN: 978-971-555-608-8
178 pages

International Migration, Remittances, and Economic Development in the Philippines

Ernesto M. Pernia, Elena E. Pernia, Jackson L. Ubias &
Maria Rosel S. San Pascual

Php 190.00
ISBN 978-971-555-600-2
57 pages

Kenneth Goldsmith In Conversation

Kenneth Goldsmith
and Francisco Roman Guevara

ISBN 978-971-555-596-8
50 pages
Gender, Labor, Ageing: Selected Papers On Social Issues In Development

Author: Trinidad S. Osteria
ISBN: 978-971-555-590-6
541 pages

Information & Communications Technology in the Philippines: Contemporary Perspectives

Edited by:
Sherwin E. Ona and
Zelinna Cynthia D. Pablo
ISBN ISBN: 978-971-555-606-4
136 pages

Pilas Ng Papel

Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles
ISBN: 978-971-555-602-6
192 pages

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