University Research Journals

Journal of Computational Innovations and Engineering Applications (JCIEA)

ISSN: 2507-9174 (Print)

The Journal of Computational Innovations and Engineering Applications (JCIEA) is a peer reviewed, open access journal of De La Salle University, Manila. The JCIEA aims to promote the development of new and creative ideas on the use of technology in solving different problems in different fields of our daily lives. The JCIEA solicits high quality papers containing original contributions in all areas of theory and applications of Engineering and Computing including but not limited to: Computational Applications, Computational Intelligence, Electronics and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Manufacturing Engineering, Energy and Environment, Robotics, Control and Automation, and all their related fields. The JCIEA editorial board is comprised of experts from all around the world who are proactively pushing for the development of research in these fields.

The Asia Pacific Education Researcher (TAPER)

ISSN: 0119-5646 (Print) 2243-7908 (Online)

The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (TAPER) is an international journal of original research presenting empirical and theoretical studies in education, with emphasis on the experiences of successful educational systems in the Asia-Pacific Region and of the national educational systems therein that up to now have been underrepresented in the research literature.

Research Articles report original work leading to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes using research methods and analytic frameworks of the varied academic disciplines. Short Research Reports describe and analyze results of research on particular educational experiences, outcomes, and processes in countries or regions of broad interest to educational scholars in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and other similarly focused research.


Asia Pacific Social Science Review (APSSR)


The Asia-Pacific Social Science Review (APSSR)is an internationally refereed journal published biannually by the De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines and is abstracted by the online research database EBSCO. It aims to introduce a venue for the discussion of contemporary issues related to economics, politics, development, society, and international relations. Subject matter should be on topics that concern the Asia-pacific region, or that which provides a perspective from within the region. The APSSR encourages theoretical and methodological papers with an emphasis on comparative study and empirical research addressing development problems in Asia and Pacific contexts. It seeks to publish research arising from a broad variety of methodological traditions and those with multi- and inter-disciplinary focus. The APSSR is officially endorsed by the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA).


taperAng Malay, ay isang international refereed at abstracted journal na multi-disiplinari sa Filipino, ay inililimbag makalawa isang taon sa ilalim ng pamamahala ng De La Salle University Publishing House para sa Pamantasang De La Salle. Bilang journal na multi-disiplinari, nagtatampok ang Malay ng mga papel, pananaliksik, at artikulong naglalahad ng mga kaisipan at kaalaman mula sa iba't ibang disiplina sa larangan ng Araling Filipino. Ang mga ideya, pagkukuro, at paninindigan ng mga may-akda ay pananagutan nila at hindi repleksyon ng mga paghahaka at patakaran ng Mga Patnugot, ng Kaguruan, o ng Pangasiwaan ng Pamantasang ito.

DLSU Business & Economics Review (B&E Review)

The DLSU Business & Economics Review (DLSU B&E Review) publishes high quality theoretical, empirical, and methodological research in the fields of accounting, business management, commercial law, economics, finance, and marketing. The DLSU Business & Economics Review aims to reach an audience in these six fields and is published twice a year. It is listed in SciVerse Scopus since 2011 and abstracted and Indexed in EBSCO since 2009. It is listed in the ASEAN Citation Index since 2015. It is also included in the Commission on Higher Education Journal Challenge Program since 2017.

Manila Journal of Science (MJS)

The Manila Journal of Science (MJS) is a peer-reviewed and abstracted journal of De La Salle University, Manila. MJS publishes original researches in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science and Science Education. MJS evaluates submissions based on scientific rigor and soundness; and not on subjective indicators such as novelty or impact. A thorough presentation of the methodology and discussion of results is encouraged.

MJS is an electronic and open-access journal that does not have article processing fees or page charges, and all papers can be downloaded freely. MJS adopts a publication model wherein accepted papers are uploaded immediately. As a consequence, the journal does not have issue numbers, only annual volume numbers with at least 12 papers per volume.



Ideya is a refereed journal publishing both scholarly articles on different fields in the humanities and creative works (poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction).

Ideya was conceived in 1999 to further critical exchange among eminent and upcoming scholars in the fields of humanities in the Philippines and in the Pacific; to disseminate new forms of knowledge about various literary, artistic, and cultural texts in the Philippines and in the southeast Asian region; and to provide an avenue for the publication of the works of established and young creative writers.

Journal of Research in Science, Computing and Engineering (JRSCE)

The Journal of Research in Science, Computing, and Engineering (JRSCE) is a thrice-yearly international, refereed journal published by De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines, which aims to disseminate information gathered from research activities in the fields of mathematics and the sciences of biology, chemistry and physics, engineering, and computing. It covers both the pure and applied sciences, energy and the environment, and the varied fields of engineering and computing such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, and robotics engineering, materials and corrosion, ergonomics, biotechnology, systems engineering, process control, modeling and optimization, information systems, computer science, software and computer engineering, and science and engineering education/ethics.