Beyond 100! was an event sponsored by the De La Salle University Publishing House to celebrate the centennial of the De La Salle University and the Lasallian presence in the Philippines. This event was organized in partnership with 5 prominent publishers in the country for the launching of 103 electronic books and 29 print books.

The 29 print books are new titles. And the issuing of print books is a gesture of DLSUPH to honor the strong tradition of intellectual culture of which De La Salle University has been both an heir and a champion.

The 103 ebooks are electronic versions of titles previously published by the De La Salle University Press, Inc. The conversion of these books into electronic copies is a statement of: (1) the initiative of the university to employ the latest technology in the preservation of the intellectual legacy that took the university many long years to build; (2) the readiness of the university to take up the challenge of the digital age, in order that it may rethink its institutional roles, position itself strategically, and in the end, come up with the best configuration of intellectual production, dissemination, and consumption – all for a De La Salle University that – now, armed with an aspiration for greater things – is on its way beyond 100!

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