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Entrepreneurship and Trade

Edited by Paulynne J. Castillo

Published and distributed by
De La Salle University (DLSU) Publishing House, 2016
ISBN 978-971-555-642-2
225 pages







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Developed and developing countries have been working together for more than three decades to remove the barriers to trade and investment. Tirelessly, delegations representing citizens from all corners of the globe gathered in host cities to formulate policies that would reduce and, ultimately, eliminate the impediments to the exchange of goods and services. Aided by technology―communication, information, and transportation―the growing cooperation among countries has resulted not only in the elimination of barriers to trade, investment, and movement of people, but also in the creation of a number of means to fight poverty. While researches provided evidence that the more liberalized regime has, to some extent, reduced poverty, studies also confirmed that more can be done to ensure that every household can afford its basic needs. This volume of studies on Entrepreneurship and Trade from the Angelo King Institute of Economic and Business Studies will be a useful companion of empirical evidence and heuristic methodology on poverty, trade, and enterprise. It invites the readers to look forward to more invigorating epiphanies―that the world is, after all, small enough for its inhabitants to reach out and help one another.

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