About the President


Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC, PhD has come full circle at De La Salle
University, the place that honed him as a young leader and a Christian Brother,
the place that has called him back to be its own head.
“Similar to my previous positions, the post of DLSU President is an expression
and a continuation of the mission of the Brothers and our Lasallian Partners
to provide quality education to young Filipinos. However, it is also different
because the University is the leading edge of Lasallian education in the country.
The nature of the University is such that after over a hundred years of continuing
progress, it still passionately pursues a lot of daring initiatives that, for me,
is both exciting and challenging” he shares.

Early years and formation

The young Raymundo started his journey towards becoming a Christian Brother
as a third year high school student at DLSU, which was known then as De La Salle
College Manila. On October 10,1963, fresh from high school, he received the FSC
religious habit. A year later, he took his first vows as a Brother.
It was in the University that he also deepened his love for education and the sciences,
taking the double-degree track Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor of Science in Education
(AB-BSE), major in General Science and minor in Mathematics. He graduated magna
cum laude in 1969.