De La Salle University Chorale

The existence of a chorale group on campus was seen in the Green and White 1962, then known as the Chorale Society. In 1966, it was renamed as Collegiate Chorale, until it was changed to DLSU Chorale in 1980. In that year, it has made some TV appearances on noontime shows.

In 1988, they got Mr. Noel Bugarin to conduct the group. From that year on to 1992, the group carved a niche in the music scene both locally and abroad. The group won first prize in various competitions in the country, and was invited to perform in Japan, and again, to compete in Italy, Spain and England where it won major prizes

In 1995, under the tutelage of Prof. Rodolfo Delarmente, the group embarked on a highly successful European concert tour that took them to various countries such as Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Norway, reaping accolades from European and Filipino audiences alike. It repeated the same feat in Europe in 1999, when it bagged major prizes in competitions in Germany, Italy, Greece, Austria, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Belgium and France, gaining praise from its audience in all its performances.

In the summer of 2002, the group embarked on its very first North American Concert tour, where it performed in various states such as California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Ohio and New York, as well as Toronto and Ottawa in Canada. The group represented Southeast Asia as it joined in the Asian Christian Music Festival in Hong Kong, performing in April of 2004 at the Shatin Auditorium together with various groups from other Asian countries such as Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. The Chorale embarked on a successful four-and-a-half-month US and European tour in the summer of 2004, serving as Ambassadors of Goodwill through Music and Culture in its performances in various states such as California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York, as well as in various European countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Denmark and Finland. The group was given the Folkloric Diploma in the famous 21st Bela Bartok International Choral Competition in Hungary, which was participated in by various choral groups from all over the world.

In April to July 2010, the group embarked again on another North American-European Tour. It bagged 2nd place under the Category of Chamber Choirs in the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod held in Wales; and in the 49th International Competition of Choral Singing “SEGHIZZI” 2010 held in Italy, 6th place in XXII Grand Prix Seghizzi,3rd place in Category 1A/1B (Renaissance and Baroque), and 5th place in Category 2a/2b (Pop Songs and Folk Music).

In its recent April to August 2013 tour, the group won in these various competitions: 3rd International Choir Competition "Kaunas Cantat" (Kaunas, Lithuania) -Gold - Adult Chamber Choir Category, Gold - Polyphonic Category, Gold - Folk Category, Grand Prix Winner, Audience Award; 41st Mundi Cantat Festival of Songs (Olomouc, Czech Republic)-Gold - Adult Chamber Choir Category; Gold-Spiritual, Gospel, Pop Category; Gold-Folk Category, Absolute Festival Winner; 11th International Choir Competition "Antonio Vivaldi" (Karpenissi, Greece), First Prize - Chamber Choir Category, Second Prize-Folk Category, Second Prize-Jazz/Modern Category; 31st International Choral Festival of Preveza / 19th International Choral Competition of Sacred Music (Preveza, Greece), First Prize/Gold Medal - Chamber Choir Category.

Performance Recommendation

The DLSU Chorale may perform in corporate launches, formal events of students, university offices, government and non-government organizations.

Distinguished Alumni:

  • Randy Santiago – TV host, singer
  • Rowell Santiago – director
  • Rony Fortich – Hongkong Disneyland musical director
  • Tristan Jovellana – TV Host

The Lasallian Orchestra

The Lasallian Youth Orchestra is the official orchestra of De La Salle University that exudes distinctive quality of string, wind and rhythmic instruments, taking form in diverse genres from classical, pop, contemporary to ethnic genres. The creation and management of the orchestra’s events and publicity are made possible through its marketing division and production division. The group is duly recognized as performing arts group of the University, under the direct supervision of the Culture and Arts Office.

The Lasallian Youth Orchestra has been an organization of De La Salle University for the past 29 years under different names. It was established by Br. Leon as the De La Salle College Band in 1948 and in the ‘80s it evolved from a Musician’s Ensemble to a Marching Band and subsequently a DLSU Concert Band with Maestro Eliezer San Felipe as its conductor, composing of the brass, woodwinds, rhythms as well as the vocals section in 1988. With the inclusion of the strings section in 1995, it emerged as the first Pops Orchestra in the Philippines which jumpstarted the successful careers of Princess Velasco (acoustic singer and ASAP sessionista), Mark Escueta (Rivermaya), Anthony Dio (K24/7), JC Magsalin (Manila Philharmonic Orchestra), Pango Sarreal (UP Jazz Ensemble) and many more. Alongside the Pops Orchestra, the Chamber Ensemble, conducted by Maestro German de Ramos was founded to cater to the classical genre. In 2009, both groups merged to what is now the Lasallian Youth Orchestra with Maestro German de Ramos as its resident conductor.

The Lasallian Youth Orchestra dedicates itself to being a globally competitive youth orchestra known for its distinct ethno-symphonic music establishing Filipino culture that unites the nation through quality performances. It is geared towards forming well grounded, service driven creative artists and artist managers who will be able to effectively communicate the importance of culture and arts in everyday life. The group enhances and exposes the capabilities and talents of Lasallian student artists through local and international endeavors. It bears advocates of awareness of the nation's social matters and reviving Filipino culture through socio-civic programs. The group aims to promote relationships with different schools and companies for future collaborations. Furthermore, the group has sent members to participate in international events such as the Face Camp Horni Jeleni at Czech Republic in July 2012, the International Drum Festival held in Malaysia in November 2012, the ASEAN Jazz Festival in November 2013, and ASEAN Arts Festival in November 2014, ASEAN Universities Orchestra in April 2015, and in the annual ASEAN Universities Network Youth Cultural Forum held in various ASEAN countries since 2008.

Performance Recommendation:

The Lasallian Youth Orchestra may perform in corporate launches, formal/ informal events of students, university offices, government and non-government organizations. They may perform with members of the De La Salle Innersoul for requests that require vocals.

Distinguished Alumni:

  • Barbie Almalbis
  • Junjun Regalado of Mojofly
  • Mark Escueta of Rivermaya
  • Original members of Passage
  • AJKA Band-2010 Nescafe Soundskool Winner
  • Kristine Antonio – MYX VJ
  • Lakan Hila of The Bloomfields
  • Princess Velasco- acoustic singer
  • Jeric Medina – acoustic singer
  • Reginald Espiritu – composer and founder of Symphonic Passion

De La Salle Innersoul

It all started with the college reunion of four KUNDIRANA members whose passion for singing led them to establishing a musical group of their own. As a result, De La Salle Innersoul was formed by Mr. Rene Jose Molano, then Director of the Culture and Arts Office with its present-day artistic and musical director Mr. John Bradley B. Fenomeno—becoming the tenth member group of the Culture and Arts Office and was launched on October 3, 1997. Another member joined the group in 1998 and the five members went on to stage their first major concert titled ‘Innersoul: In Control’. After the success of their concert, Innersoul went on to do a concert tour of La Salle schools all over the country. The five members became seven in 1999, and in the same year Innersoul staged their second major concert, 100% Innersoul.

During the succeeding years, the celebrity of INNERSOUL became greater; the group became in demand for college and university activities, not only within De La Salle University but also in other universities. The year 2001 marked the end of INNERSOUL’s exclusivity of membership for former KUNDIRANA members and the newly revitalized INNERSOUL went on to present their Valentine’s Concert, dubbed as ‘Soulmates’. The year 2003, Innersoul opened its doors to female vocalists. In 2006, the group produced another grand concert event, entitled: ‘iSing,’ which showcased the evolution of Pop and RandB music from the 8-track to the iPod. In 2007, Innersoul celebrated its 10th year through a self-titled gala concert. In 2008, a major show titled ‘Carnivale’ was staged along with other productions: ‘Philosophy of Music’, ‘Forever Yours’ and ‘In Love’. While last year, another major concert titled ‘Dozen Delights’ gave tribute to the musical pop groups produced by the entertainment scene from different generations – all the way from The Fifth Dimension of the ‘60s, Abba of the ‘70s, the B-52’s, Swing Out Sister of the ‘80s, and other hits of the ‘90s, to the music of the New Millennium. In 2010, the academic year kicked off with the Innersoul-O! Series titled Inspirations. And as the Lasallian community celebrates the eve of 100 Years of Lasallian presence in the Philippines, with pride and joy, Innersoul staged “SONGS FOREVER”. The group successfully produced the STAR MANILA™ Centennial Edition, an inter-college singing competition in DLSU in March 2011.

They have also participated internationally in the ASEAN Jazz Festival at the University of Malaysia in November 2013, and ASEAN Arts Festival in November 2014, and in the annual ASEAN Universities Network Youth Cultural Forum held in various ASEAN countries since 2004.

Performance Recommendation:

The De La Salle Innersoul may perform in corporate launches, formal/ informal events of university offices, government and non-government organizations, student organizations’ events and parties. They may perform with the rhythm section of the Lasallian Youth Orchestra for requests that require live accompaniment.

Distinguished Alumni:

  • Vince Alaras – South Border Vocalist
  • Johann De La Fuente – Trumpets Actor
  • Gian Carlo Magdangal – Hong Koing Disneyland Talent
  • Abigail Valte – Deputy Presidential Spokesperson
  • Fritzie Cabial – TV5 Reporter
  • Fred Lo – Theatre Actor and TV5 Talent
  • Sam De Guzman – Hong Kong Disneyland talent
  • Kristine Diaz – Hong Kong Disneyland talent
  • Mariella Laurel – Stage Actress
  • Miko Manguba – part of the winning team of GMA7’s “To the Top”

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The La Salle Dance Company

The first trace of the La Salle Dance Troupe was seen in Green and White 1983 where it claims to have been in existence for four years. The group has adapted various genres of dances and advocated both traditional and contemporary dances. The La Salle Dance Troupe boasts itself of the being the organizers of the longest-running inter-collegiate dance competition in the region, the Dancelebration, which is about to turn almost three decades old.

In 2004, the La Salle Dance Troupe, together with the De La Salle Bootes, the fledgling street dance group under CAO, have agreed to call themselves under the umbrella name, La Salle Dance Company. The company is divided into three genres-Contemporary, Street and Folk. The LSDC-Contemporary continues the Dancelebration legacy while promoting the art of modern dance introduced long ago by Martha Graham. They are fully committed to the promotion of Filipino culture, they advocate contemporary dance as a vessel for cultural realization and pride. They also strive to elevate the standards of contemporary dance through experimental pieces using various art forms. They have recently forged a collaborative exchange program with the National University of Singapore Dance Ensemble, debuting its show “Respons’abilidad” in Singapore last March 2013. They also host an inter-DLSU dance competition together with LSDC-Street.

Known for its unique and energetic performances, the LSDC-Street is an award-winning crew that aims to establish Filipino identity in hip hop culture through constantly exploring new dance styles and breathtaking acrobatic stunts. They have established their position in the streetdance community as they have ruled over major dance competitions in the country. They have also been consistent placers in the World Hiphop Championships in the US for two consecutive years.

The LSDC-Folk was established formally in 2013 to ensure that Lasallians are well-grounded with their exposure in folk dances. They aim to preserve authentic Filipino culture in the University, educate the Lasallian community, and raise awareness of the different issues arising among ethnic communities through showcasing Folk dance and other ethnic genres.

Performance Recommendations:

LSDC-Contemporary may perform in cultural presentations, corporate launches, formal events, invocations, student organizations’ events and parties.

LSDC-Street may perform in corporate launches, informal events, student organizations’ events and parties.

LSDC-Folk may perform in cultural presentations, welcome dinners for foreign guests, international events that require a showcase of Filipino dances.

Distinguished Alumni:

  1. La Salle Dance Company - Contemporary
    • Yucel Estrada- professional contemporary dancer and medical doctor
    • Lema Diaz – one of the founders of Philippine All Stars
    • Shiela Lacro-Pagaduan – professional dancer, manager of Hotlegs Entertainment Inc. Dance Company
    • Twinkle Zamora – professional dancer and costumier in Hotlegs Entertainment Inc. Dance Company, owner of Twinkelita Costume shop
    • Ruby Nogoy  - professional dancer and instructor (Bodyworx, Danscap Manila, Adrenalin, Whiplash)
    • Micah Romulo – dance instructor, La Salle Dance Company-Folk adviser

  2. La Salle Dance Company - Street
    • Kevin Intal – professional dancer, LSDC Street Trainer and dance coach
    • Reinus Kolimlim- professional dancer (G-force)
    • Job Zamora – professional dancer (The Manoeuvers)
    • Japheth Reyes – professional dancer (The Manoeuvers) and dance coach (Asia Pacific College & Xavier School)
    • JJ San Juan – professional dancer and dance coach (Colegio de San Agustin, University of Asia and the Pacific, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong)
    • Ken Laput- professional dancer (Legit Status) and dance coach (Xavier School)
    • Meg de Leon – dance coach (Xavier School)
    • Kris Reyno- dance coach (Immaculate Conception Academy)  
    • Cristin Gapasin and Steffi Maala- dance coach (St. Paul College-Pasig)
    • Gino Ong – dance instructor ( Plana Forma)  

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DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild

The existence of De La Salle College Players Guild was seen in a 1960’s write up in Green and White, where Mr. Armando Baltazar directed the first real dramatic workshop in La Salle’s post-war history. Its initial presentation, “The Bat” was staged successfully in San Sebastian College Auditorium. Since then, it has continued to produce original plays and adaptations of Filipino classics by national artists. It was renamed La Salle Drama Guild until it has changed its name to Harlequin Theatre Guild in 1985-86. The jester logo that HTG uses today was first used by the Drama Guild in 1983.

Today, the Guild advocates social issues and the promotion of Filipino culture in the campus and in other schools. It has also established its name in the culture and arts scene as it hosted the National Theater Festival in 2009, and has staged several plays by invitation, in legitimate theatres such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Philippine Educational Theatre Association. In the same year, it has staged an original piece, “Rizal is My President”, which has served as DLSU’s sounding board for the advocacy of voters’ education. It has been staged several times in various public venues and campuses in the metro, while the script is being used by other theatre groups to promote the message. In 2011, it has embarked on a tour to represent the country and the university in the Prague Quadrennial, an international competition on scenography by university theatres, and the group has won the “Children’s Choice Award”. In 2012, the group’s production, “Unang Ulan ng Mayo” was nominated at the Best Non Musical Production at the Aliw Awards, and continued to have rerun in 2014. They are currently touring another voters’ education play, “Magtanggol Liberacion”, with guest artist Mae “Juana Change” Paner.

Performance Recommendation:

Harlequin Theatre Guild may perform in films, product launches, advocacy assemblies formal/ informal events of students, university offices, government and non-government organizations. The guild specializes in straight plays, musicals, readers' theatre, interpretative movement and poetry reading.

Distinguished Alumni:

  • Peque Gallaga – Film and Stage Director
  • Mark Reyes – Film/TV Director
  • Allan Feliciano – Musical Arranger, Composer, Metropop Winner
  • Raymund Isaac – Award Winning Photographer
  • Aia De Leon – Vocalist, Imago
  • Mylene Dizon – Actress
  • Jose Javier Reyes – Director/Writer
  • Vince Groyon – Award winning writer
  • MJ Felipe- entertainment reporter
  • Joshua So- Palanca Awardee, playwright, writer
  • Tonypet Gaba –Advertising Art Director, Award-winning TV personality
  • Roy del Valle- musical arranger
  • Br. Victor Franco FSC – Lasallian Brother
  • Antonio Cervantes – cultural worker
  • Francis Trillana (+) – Ex President, Lowe, Inc. (Advertising agency)
  • GA Fallarme - AVP and Image Projection Designer

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Green Media Group

The Green Media Group was formerly known as the Communication Arts Society, which existed as early as 1978. It has established its membership until the late ‘80s and revived in the mid ‘90s. When it was revived, it was just perceived to take on photo and video coverage services for the university. It has also expanded its membership to other colleges, and not only for Communication Arts majors. Today, the Green Media Group is the recognized production and media services arm of the university, composed of dedicated student members who take care of stage management, technical direction, multi-media presentations, graphic designs, scriptwriting, hosting and production design, and coverage services of most university and organizational events.

Distinguished Alumni:

  • Ryan Agoncillo – Actor, TV Host
  • Ria and Jackie Buenafe – Owners, Digicon Events Company
  • Michael Juat- Award winning independent film maker & ad agency owner
  • Nix Lanas – award winning independent film maker
  • Paolo Valenciano – concert director
  • Gallard Labares – radio DJ
  • BJ Pascual – professional fashion photographer

Student Artist Managers

The Student Artist Managers is the volunteer program of the Culture and Arts Office. They have started as the Junior Administrative Staff in the late 90’s, then as Student Support Staff in the early 2000, until it became known as such. The program was evolved to answer to the growing needs of the Office in its intention to sophisticate the practice of arts management in the campus. Throughout the years, the Student Artist Managers or SAMS, continue to be of service to the Office and the whole university through operationalizing the plans for cultural development in campus, as they handle the management and booking of the CAO talents, assist in the conduct of researches in arts management, aid in the managerial training of the student artists, support the office and the CAO groups in events marketing and events management, office management and ushering.

Distinguished Alumni:

  • MJ Marfori- entertainment reporter
  • Aileen Adalid – award-winning travel blogger

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