The foundation of every Lasallian artist should be the Lasallian Spirit of Faith, Zeal and Communion and his academic education. These will be his main support in enhancing his innate artistic skills, in developing his management skills in the arts organization, and in fulfilling his mission as an artist to his fellowmen and nation. In terms of training, more focus is given to the development of his artistic skills than management skills and social responsibility, because the office believes that this is where he will stand out as his own person, and discover his creativity as an artist.

  • Has FAITH – accepting God’s love in day-to-day experiences; grateful attitude of reciprocating God’s love through sharing his talents
  • Has ZEAL - the ardent desire to excel in his craft so that he may give his best to serve the community
  • Communes with the University in fulfilling its mission for the least, the last and the lost
  • Is talented, creative and innovative
  • Has LOVE and DEDICATION for the craft
  • Is a fast learner
  • Is humble – manifests healthy acceptance and appreciation of one’s capabilities and limitations, as well as those of others. 
  • Is professional and disciplined – knows how to behave properly, adheres to school decorum and manages himself well; and is conscious of the time and effort of his colleagues and mentor
  • Is accountable  - to the property assigned under his care
  • Values the importance of mastery of performances through trainings and workshops
  • With integrity – is trustworthy and upright          
  • Is a pro-active leader
  • Is people-oriented (good communication skills, team player, compassionate, regards people with respect, open-minded)
  • Is goal-oriented (strives for excellence, a visionary, shows willingness to contribute to the betterment of the group)
  • Is confident of himself, his knowledge and his talents
  • Is a good role model for his members, colleagues and the people around him
  • fosters “discipleship”- to continue the quality and tradition of the group
  • Knows his responsibility as an artist to enrich the spirits of his audience.
  • Is willing to share his talents to the least, the last and the lost, so that they may discover their own talents
  • Is an advocate of the importance art in the transformation of an individual and the nation.
  • Accepts the responsibility that he is a teacher of culture and the arts to the youth
  • Is a keeper and conservator of the Philippine heritage
  • Upholds the Lasallian Guiding Principles