Student Handbook

Student Handbook: Academic Year 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015


The regulations that appear on this Student Handbook apply to all undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in the different colleges of the University who, upon admission agree to abide by these same regulations and conduct themselves so as to maintain discipline, uphold the good order of the school, preserve the fair name of the University, and actualize its Mission and Vision Statement.

Aside from the norms contained on this Student Handbook, bulletin board and website postings, special manuals for specific purposes, and published announcements are the ordinary channels by which the University administration informs the student body of official business. The students should consult these channels regularly.

The administrative authority of the University is vested on the President of the institution. The continued attendance of any student at De La Salle University subjects him or her to this authority, conforming to the spirit of the on-going policies set by the academic community.