DLSU Generic Letterheads

Usage General Rule

University units that plan to download and use the following DLSU generic letterheads and letter envelopes should conform to the usage policy that there should be no alteration in the configuration of the signatures and logos outside of what is specified in this design. Changes in the color, font, layout, and design are not allowed.

Usage of DLSU signature, DLSU logo, College signature, and College logo for other particular purposes (aside from letterhead and envelope only), should get prior approval from the Office for Strategic Communications.


Letterheads Preview Format
Green (PDF) Black (JPEG/DOC) Green (JPEG/DOC)
DLSU Generic (pdf/67kb) jpg/686kb doc/715kb jpg/715kb doc/744kb
DLSU CCS Generic (pdf/79kb) jpg/699kb doc/729kb jpg/745kb doc/775kb
DLSU CED Generic (pdf/76kb) jpg/696kb doc/726kb jpg/740kb doc/771kb
DLSU CLA Generic (pdf/77kb) jpg/697kb doc/726kb jpg/741kb doc/771kb
DLSU COL Generic (pdf/86kb) jpg/719kb doc/755kb jpg/761kb doc/755kb
DLSU COS Generic (pdf/75kb) jpg/695kb doc/725kb jpg/739kb doc/725kb
DLSU GCOE Generic (pdf/84kb) jpg/698kb doc/728kb jpg/743kb doc/728kb
DLSU RVRCOB Generic (pdf/84kb) jpg/699kb doc/729kb jpg/749kb doc/729kb
DLSU SOE Generic (pdf/75kb) jpg/699kb doc/729kb jpg/744kb doc/729kb
DLSU Thesis Paper (pdf/235kb)


  jpg/744kb doc/826kb