ITC Facilities

The Information Technology Center of DLSU-Manila maintains the following Information Technology facilities:


Servers Workstations and Notebooks
HP Proliant ML570
PC/Pentium IV Processors
HP Proliant DL360
PC/Pentium III Xeon Dual Processors
HP Proliant DL580
PC/Core 2 Duo Processors
HP Proliant DL350
PC/Core 2 Quad Processors
HP Proliant DL760
Mac G2/G3/G4
HP Proliant 8000
Mac Pro
HP Proliant ML570
HP 9000 RP3410
HP AlphaServer ES40  


Operating Systems

  • MacOS
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Business
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Red Hat Fedora Core

Printers, Data Input, Back-up and Multimedia Equipment

  • Dell PC Thin Clients
  • Digitizing boards
  • DLT/DAT/LTO tape back-up systems
  • Mice
  • Multimedia projectors.
  • Optical character readers
  • PC cameras
  • Polycom video conference appliance
  • Port readers
  • Printers
  • Robotel SmartClass system
  • Scanners

Networking Equipment

  • 3Com Total Control Remote Access Servers (RAS)
  • 802.11b/g  wireless LAN (WiFi) devices.
  • CSU/DSUs
  • Ethernet switches
  • Layer 2 Fast Ethernet switches
  • Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Modems
  • Print servers
  • Repeaters/hubs
  • Routers
  • TELCO Grade Core Switch
  • Terminal servers


Networking Access

Direct Wired Connection - There are several network access ports at St. La Salle Hall :

  • Conservatory & Medrano Hall
  • Gokongwei Hall (Lobby)
  • RCBC Plaza Yuchengco Institute of Advanced Studies.
  • Science and Technology Research Center (STRC)
  • University Library
  • Yuchengco Hall

You need a computer with the following:

  • Ethernet or Fast Ethernet RJ45 port
  • A Category 4 (or 5, 5e, 6) Ethernet network cable
  • An operating system with proper network configuration.

Most classrooms, seminar rooms, and conference rooms have network access ports.
Wireless Connection - There are several wireless access points at the campus grounds. You need a computer with a wireless network card, and an operating system (OS) with proper network configuration. You can borrow a PCMCIA or USB wireless network card from the University Library. Most classrooms, seminar rooms, and conference rooms are covered by the campus hotspots.

To maximize the potential of wireless devices, DLSU developed the facility to access University-related information through the DLSU Wireless Information Services (WISe) by using a cellular phone's Short Messaging System (SMS, popularly known as text messaging), and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) like Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs.

Dial-up Connection - Enrolled students and full-time faculty members can connect to the Internet and surf the Web free of charge by using their My.LaSalle Portal (MLS) account through dial-up connection.

Internet Infrastructure

  • 45 Mbps bandwidth allocated to DLSU-Manila
  • 10 dial-up lines at 33.6 Kbps with trunk-hunting facility for students
  • 5 dial-up lines at 33.6 Kbps with trunk-hunting facility for faculty

Licensed Software

  • Accounting
  • Anti-virus
  • Artificial intelligence (AI),
  • Collaboration
  • Computer-aided design (CAD),
  • Databases
  • Desktop publishing
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Ergonomics
  • Firewall
  • Information systems development
  • Licensed software for Internet access
  • Networks and telecommunications
  • Office automation
  • Process modeling
  • Project management
  • Simulation
  • Statistics
  • Video editing/animation/streaming.
  • Web authoring, video and audio conferencing

See Computer Laboratories Software List (pdf/124kb).