Accreditation of Subjects

  • It is the responsibility of the nominated exchange students to ascertain that the intended subjects to be taken abroad will be credited to them upon their return to De La Salle University.
  • The first step will be to browse through the University prospectus of the intended university to check the availability of the subjects. The prospectus are available in the ALO or through the different university websites.
  • Subjects taken should correspond and should be equivalent with present academic flowchart.
  • The student should compose a letter addressed to the respective DLSU Department Chairs of the intended subjects containing its course description and number of credit units.
  • The student must submit the list of intended subjects to the ALO coordinator for advance enrollment in the sister university. However, the ALO nor the sister university cannot guarantee the availability of all the preferred subjects. In this case, the student is advised to obtain as many approved subjects as possible as alternative courses.
  • Upon the students' return, they have to present their Transcript of Records from the sister university with the letters of approval from DLSU Chairs to facilitate accreditation of subjects.