Who We Are


The Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA) is the social development arm of De La Salle University. This means that it is the primary unit responsible for the leadership, advancement, and general oversight work on promoting the Lasallian Social Development (LSD) principles and social formation values of the Lasallian Guiding Principles. This means ensuring that everyone in the University is aware of and animates these principles, and engages in endeavors that actualize faith in action through service to and solidarity with the poor.

All of COSCA’s work essentially revolves around instruction, formation and social engagement. Instruction means imparting knowledge about the Social Teachings of the Church and its implications. Formation means ensuring the Lasallian Guiding Principles-Lasallian Social Development  tenets and processes in all programs and activities. At the same time, allowing the Lasallian core values of faith, zeal in service and communion by association to be internalized by our stakeholders. As a consequence, the Center hopes to transform lives, serve society, bridge faith and scholarship and become achievers for God and Country. The Center likewise develops and creates partnerships and opportunities where the La Sallian community can take part in the work for genuine social change, side by side with the poor, oppressed, exploited and disadvantaged in Philippine society.

COSCA endeavors to be the forefront of social formation and engagement, dedicated to the integral development of Lasallians and Partner Communities through responsible citizenship and empowerment of marginalized sectors towards a just and humane society. It thrives to be the catalyst, within the University, of a “liberating education that is responsive to the realities of the marginalized sectors.” Towards this, COSCA aims to effect liberating education through social formation, social engagement, partnership development and technology development. It will strive to align itself by upholding lasallian social development principles, values and processes in the instruction, formation, animation and mobilization of the Lasallian community to become effective agents of social transformation.

Fritzie Ian P. de Vera
COSCA Director