Research and Publications


I) CE Bulletin

This bulletin provides a synopsis of all community engagement-related events, activities and updates in the university. Highlights of University Mission Council meetings will be included in the bulletin as well.

AY 2014-2015

Date Title Highlights
Sept. 4, 2014 CE Bulletin No. 1 Consultation and MOU Signing for the Leveriza MDG Localization Project DepEd - DLSU Partnership for the National Greening Program




PALASO is a newsletter published by the Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA). Contributions from COSCA partners and friends are welcome. COSCA editorial staff reserves the right to edit materials for publication.

Date Title Brief Description
July 2003 PALASO Volume 1, Issue 2 Globalization, sustainable development, good governance, the Oakwood Mutiny and other relevant issues.
Jan 2004 PALASO Volume 1, Issue 3 The National Situation in preparation for the May 2004 National and Local Elections
Mar 2004 PALASO Volume 1, Issue 4 COSCA Celebrates its 21st Anniversary
Sep 2004 PALASO Volume 1, Issue 5 RP in the Midst of Political and Economic Crisis
October 2005 PALASO Volume 1, Issue 6 The Philippine National Situationer and PGMA’s 10-Point Agenda
July 2013 PALASO Volume 1, Issue 1 The Philippine Situation midway through PNoy’s Term in Office (2013)
October 2015 PALASO Volume 1, Issue 1 This briefing paper presents various perspectives on the emerging issues about the indigenous people in Mindanao. Amidst conflicting accounts from various interest groups, the information presented may be used by the Lasallian community in classroom and informal group discussion-reflection.

III) Issue Monitor

The Issue Monitor is a short advocacy material discussing salient points of pressing social issues. It also invites Lasallians to take action on the issue.

Date Title
July 2003 Mutiny in Makati: Rebel Soldiers Ask GMA, Generals to Resign
July 2004 Free Dela Cruz, Withdraw the Philippine Troops
July 2005 Let PGMA Relinquish Power: Apply the Rule of Law
Sep 2005 COSCA Calls for Unity in Search for Truth