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Volunteerism is the free gift of time and talent to help another person, group, or a cause. (Wilson, J. 2000, Volunteering. Annual Review of Sociology: 26)

Types of volunteering opportunities in COSCA

  1. Education and Training – volunteers may choose to facilitate various learning activities for out of school youth, public schoolchildren, and other COSCA community-based partner organizations. Volunteers may also commit to serve as trainors in the areas of Community Engagement, Lasallian Reflection Framework or Social Development.

  2. Advocacy – volunteers may conduct research, write position papers on relevant issues, design advocacy materials or facilitate forum/symposium.

  3. Program Support – volunteers may provide direct service assistance in the field of coastal resource management, community organizing, disaster risk reduction, and others.

  4. Knowledge Management – volunteers may contribute in process documentation of civic-social activities, design and management of database or organizational website.

How can I Volunteer?

Send us your full name, contact number, free time for volunteering and the talent / skill you want to contribute at and we'll help you find where you can get involved.

You may also visit our FB page at:


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