Risk Management, Compliance and Audit Office

In line with its purpose of promoting stewardship, accountability, integrity, efficiency, and compliance, De La Salle University has established the Risk Management, Compliance, and Audit (RMCA) Office to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, internal rules, policies, procedures, and other binding rules of agreements as well as to address the growing importance of managing risk in the University.

The Role of the Risk Management, Compliance, and Audit (RMCA) OfficeCompliance Logo

The Risk Management, Compliance, and Audit Office provides direction, guidance and resource references to DLSU stakeholders on how to optimize resources and fulfill their responsibilities that is compliant with laws and regulations, internal rules, policies, procedures, and other binding rules of agreement and in which the public trust is maintained. Combination of risk, compliance, and audit is based on synergies and linkages similar to foreign universities.

It is also in charge of assessing the effectiveness of internal policies, procedures and guidelines and making necessary recommendations for improvements. The office sets about to establish early warning systems for identifying related problems.

In an effort to spread awareness about compliance issues, the RMCA Office also ensures that administrative and operating units have written internal policies, procedures and guidelines in place that are necessary for compliance with internal controls, external laws and regulations, and all agreements entered into by De La Salle University.

In gearing up to ensure that compliance is an integral part of the University's culture, the RMCA Office is taking a proactive approach on an ongoing basis in identifying and addressing risks resulting from non-compliance which may possibly hinder the accomplishment of the University's mission and goals.
The RMCA Office also provides sessions of Compliance Hour, one-hour training programs to ensure that students, faculty members and employees have an understanding and awareness on compliance roles and responsibilities.

Working With the Compliance Office

Compliance Slogan The RMCA Office has established a feedback program through various "feedboxes" spread throughout the campus to facilitate communication regarding compliance queries and issues. Presently, the office has a microsite on the DLSU website where questions will be entertained and where updates will be announced.

For this purpose, the RMCA Office is proactively partnering with various De La Salle University stakeholders in establishing a culture of initiative and teamwork in upholding the University's quality standards by observing proper compliance with the highest integrity, conduct and commitment.

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Risk Management, Compliance, and Audit Office
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