The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management plans and directs operations/functions of the various administrative services offices in the University, namely Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, Civil Works, Mechanical and Electrical Works, and Security and Safety.

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Office

The Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Office sees to the general cleanliness, beautification, and maintenance of all buildings and grounds in the University. 

Civil and Sanitary Works Office

The Civil Works Office supervises the planning and implementation of all activities related to the improvement, renovation and maintenance of all physical facilities, including furniture and fixtures.

Mechanical and Electrical Works Office

The Mechanical and Electrical Works Office plans, organizes, coordinates and supervises the proper upkeep, repair and maintenance of electrical and other equipment of the University, including electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration, telephone lines and intercom lines, electric fans, pumps and motors, generators, fire alarms, emergency lights, typewriters, elevators and water coolers.


Contact Information

Office of the AVC for Facilities Management

Room 1401 Henry Sy Sr. Hall
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines

Tel. No 52446-11 Local 599
E-mail: facilities@dlsu.edu.ph