About the Office

The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Services plans and directs operations/functions of the various support services units in the University.

Campus Sustainability Office (CSO)

The Campus Sustainability Office champions and monitors the sustainability initiatives of the University. It also engages and monitors various groups for impact studies and educational research on sustainability.

Health Services Office (HSO)

The Health Services Office performs activities and tasks in line with medical and dental services for the University.

Inventory Management Office (IMO)

The Inventory Management Office takes charge of all warehousing and inventory activities for the University’s stock of equipment, furniture and fixtures, and other materials.

Procurement Office

The Procurement Office takes charge of all requisitions for and purchases of equipment, furniture and fixtures, and other materials for the University. It also serves as support in the management of financial resource and shares the task in regulating the expenditure of financial resources and see to a controlled process in achieving the goal for purchases to be of value for money.

University Safety Office (USO)

The University Safety Office provides a safe educational environment that empowers employees, students, and guests to work, learn and carry out their activities and expertise in a safe workplace. It encourages everyone in the DLSU community, to embrace good health and safety practice as the norm and a responsibility shared by all.

Security Office (SO)

The Security Office is responsible for the enforcement of University rules and regulations. The SO exists to meet the security needs of the University. These needs include maintenance of public order, incident response and documentation, responding to other emergencies, traffic, parking supervision, and other related activities.

Support Services Office (SSO)

The Support Services Office is responsible for overseeing the transportation, mailing and materials reproduction requirements of the University.



Contact Information

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Services
Room 1503 Henry Sy, Sr. Hall
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines
(632) 524-4611 (local 591/595)