De La Salle University Website Policy and Guidelines

The De La Salle University web site is the world’s gateway to our University. As such, it should reflect the University’s strategic communication goals and objectives.  The quality and accuracy of the information are vital standards in maintaining our reputation and image.  

The web policy and guidelines has been developed to ensure that official information contained in the DLSU web site is accurate, up to date, well-written, and aligned with the University’s vision-mission.

The following policy has been developed for De La Salle University’s web site:

1.   Scope

The policy covers all information published on the DLSU website.

2.  Governance

The Accreditation, Assessment, Quality Assurance and Ranking (AAQAR) council is the body responsible for setting the policy and guidelines on the University web site. It shall also be responsible in overseeing the administration of the policies and guidelines.

3.  Administration and Operation

3.1 To ensure that the University’s strategic communication objectives are followed, the Office for Strategic Communications (STRATCOM) will be responsible for the content of the following pages/sections:

  1. University homepage
  2. Main University “news” section
  3. Main University “events” section
  4. “About DLSU” section that is accessible from the homepage


3.2 The STRATCOM shall also be responsible for monitoring content on all other main navigation landing pages accessible from the homepage in coordination with the appropriate content owners for these sections:

  1. Students
  2. Alumni
  3. Administration
  4. Academics
  5. Research
  6. Athletics
  7. Community Engagement
  8. Library
  9. External Relations and Internationalization       


3.3  The Vice Chancellors, Deans, and Directors are responsible for the content of their respective web pages. As owners of the information, they are also responsible for authorizing the creation and publication of information on their relevant area of responsibility. These administrators can delegate approval to staff members within their area of responsibility to author and approve the content of information to be published in the University web site.

The Vice Chancellors, Deans, and Directors shall be responsible for content development, editing, review, and approval.

Owners of information shall be responsible for ensuring that the information is up to date and accurate. An internal quality assurance process should be observed within their area for the review of information prior to its submission for publication.

3.4 The Information Technology Services Office (ITS) shall be responsible for the administration and operation of the web site. The ITS office shall provide system administration and operation services including service delivery, availability management, back up management, and disaster protection and recovery.

The ITS office shall be responsible for the management of the hosting environment which includes:

  1. A secure hosting environment;
  2. Domain hosting;
  3. Domain registration and management for institutional domains;
  4. Back-up and restore capabilities;
  5. Guaranteed level of availability of the technical environment;
  6. Upgrading of different platforms; and
  7. Advanced support.


4.    Content Review

All content must follow a review process before being published (section 3.3) For institution-wide content, the STRATCOM together with the Institutional Accreditation and Assessment (IAA) Office, the Institutional Research, Planning and Advocacy (IRPA) Office will conduct the content review.

5.   Acceptable Use

The following are non-acceptable use:

  1. Content of hate as defined by state laws and by De La Salle University’s core values;
  2. Pornography as defined by state laws and by De La Salle University;
  3. Content that is defamatory about a person, an institution, or matters that are untrue and disparaging;
  4. Any content that does not comply with other University policies;
  5. Any content that is illegal under state laws; and
  6. Advertisement except when approved by the AAQAR council.


The Director of the STRATCOM shall have the authority to immediately remove any web page that he/she suspects violates this policy pending the decision of the AAQAR council.

6.   Ownership and Copyright

The content of the web site shall abide by the copyright law. The owners of information are accountable for ensuring compliance with copyright law.

7.    Disclaimers

The owners of information must ensure the appropriate disclaimer statement. Wherever a menu selection leads the user to access a web page that is not part of the University’s web site, there should be a clear and visible warning that the user is leaving the DLSU web site.

8.    Security

8.1   All web authors, editors, and developer shall not deliberately place any program or code that will produce a security risk to the integrity and confidentiality of the University’s information and systems.

8.2     The ITS shall conduct an initial testing to determine the reliability of the new web content to ensure that no malicious codes or programs have been included that might produce a security risk for the University website.

8.3     The Director of ITS has the authority to immediately remove any web page or web site that he/she suspects violates such policy pending the review and decision of the AAQAR council.

9.    Format and Identity

The STRATCOM office shall provide the University’s visual identity guidelines and templates. All web pages shall follow the visual identity guidelines.

10.  Sanctions

10.1   Violation of the DLSU’s web policy for illegal or unethical use will be dealt with seriously subject to disciplinary measures by the University.
10.2   Illegal acts involving DLSU’s web services and facilities may be subject to investigation and legal action.