Disciplinary Action for Abuse of Privileges

The University's Social Norms, found in the Student Handbook (4.7mb/pdf), includes the expectation that students understand and abide by the Policy for Responsible Computing. Any student alleged to violate this policy will be subject to full disciplinary action within the Discipline Board, up to and including loss of computing privileges, suspension and/or expulsion.

Step 1: When a student is alleged to be abusing computing resources, all of his or her computing privileges will be suspended immediately to protect the computing resources and to assure reliable service to the rest of the community.

Step 2: The student will be notified, and if the issue cannot be resolved, a judicial referral will be made to the Dean of Student Affairs, charging the student with violation(s) of policy.

Step 3: The student will receive a charge letter and meet with the Dean of Student Affairs to discuss the charges in a pre-hearing meeting and may choose to plead guilty or not guilty to the charge(s). Computing privileges remain suspended during this process.

Students should refer to the Official Student Handbook for details concerning the procedures used within the Discipline Board.