International Association of Universities

The International Association of Universities (IAU), is a UNESCO-affiliated organization which was formally established in 1950 to encourage links between universities and colleges throughout the world.

IAU is a worldwide organization with Member Institutions in some 150 countries which cooperates with a vast network of international, regional and national bodies. Membership is open to all degree-conferring higher education institutions, and associate membership to other international and national organizations.

Its permanent Secretariat, the International Universities Bureau, is located at UNESCO, Paris, and provides a wide variety of services to Member Institutions and to the international higher education community at large.

International Association of Universities
UNESCO House 1, rue Miollis 75732
PARIS Cedex 15 France
Telephone: +33 (1) 45 68 25 45
Telefax: +33 (1) 47 34 76 05