The Lasalliana is a collection of information on the life and works of St. John Baptist De La Salle and his followers, the Lasallian Brothers. It aims to introduce the patron saint of teachers to the young Lasallian generations who are expected to reflect the traditional values of Religio, Mores et Cultura, in their lives. These values challenge all members of the Lasallian community to be Christian in their ideals, steadfast in their dealings with other persons, and appreciative of art and culture.

Teaching minds, touching hearts, transforming lives… The Lasalliana is also a portal to information about what the Brothers do. It tells of the Brothers' vocation, apostolate, challenges, programs, and the districts they have established both here in the Philippines and abroad. This page also lists Lasallian schools around the world as well as web sites that feature various Lasallian resources and interests.