1. Where is the Office of the University Registrar located and what kind of services do they offer?
    The Office of the University Registrar is located at La Salle Hall Room 133, it maintains and updates all undergraduate and graduate student records, from admission until the time the student leaves the university. These records include student information, academic records and class schedules.

  2. How does one get a scholarship?
    The Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office (SFA) located at La Salle Hall Room 137B gives scholarships to deserving students. SFA also offers student loans and tuition fee discounts.

  3. Are there campus tours for prospective students?
    High school senior students are welcome to tour the campus in groups but their school’s Guidance Counselor should write a request letter addressed to the DLSU Director of Student Activities.

  4. What kind of grading system does DLSU have?
    The University adopts the numerical grading system.

    Undergraduate Grade Point Description
    4.0 Excellent
    3.5 Superior
    3.0 Very Good
    2.5 Good
    2.0 Satisfactory
    1.5 Fair
    1.0 Pass
    0.0 Fail

  5. Where are parking slots located and how can I secure a slot?
    There are parking slots located at the PE and Sports Building. Parking fees are payable at the Accounting Office La Salle Hall Room 118.

  6. How do I know if classes are suspended at DLSU?

    • You may check the online broadcast issued by the DLSU EVP Office at the DLSU-Manila home page.

    • You may inquire using your mobile phones by following these steps:

      • Key in DLSU ANNOUNCE and send it to phone numbers (2333) for Globe or (211) for Smart.
      • Visit the WISe web site for more information.

    • Students may also tune in to radio stations for announcements:
      • AM stations:
        DZRH (666 AM)
        DZMM (630 AM)
        DWXL (588 AM)

      • FM stations:
        DWKC (93.9 FM)
        DWNU (107.5 FM)
        DWLS (97.1 FM)
        DWRX (93.1 FM)
        DWKX (103.5 FM)
        DWLL (94.7 FM)
        DWRT (99.5 FM)

    • Suspension of classes, shall be posted at the gates of the University.

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