Current FAQs

  1. How will we spell the words associated with St. John Baptist de La Salle and FSC and use them properly?
    From the Motherhouse in Rome:
    "Henceforth and forever more we will spell the words associated with SJBDLS and FSC and use them properly and correctly."
    • When using or publishing the name Lasallian, it is recognizable to adopt only the first L as the upper case figure.
    • The use of the name John Baptist de La Salle should be in complete name and correct English spelling.
    • St. La Salle is correct.
    • No periods and spaces within the FSC acronym. FSC stands for Fraternum Scholarum Christianarum.
      For example: Brother J. Benedict, FSC

  2. Is it possible to make a request regarding the directory information on alumni?
    The number of requests for directory information on alumni is proliferating. Many of these are coming from students doing thesis work. Once in a while, faculty members also look for information. Special interest groups want certain information.
    The Alumni Office has an obligation of confidentiality. Alumni don't want their directory information given out. They don't want to receive junk mails. They specify where they want their ALUMNEWS sent. Many alumni don't want to be bothered by students prying into their private and/or professional life. It is for this reason that we do not disclose the information requested.

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