1. How can I verify a DLSU degree listed on someone's resumé?
    Call the Office of the University Registrar at 524-433 or 523-4152 or e-mail
    For graduates from the year 1989 onwards, you may also verify online through
    (You must have pop-up windows enabled in your browser to launch this facility properly)

  2. One of my relatives attended DLSU-Manila. Can I get a copy of his/her transcript of records?
    You need to get a Special Power of Attorney from your relative. If he/she is abroad, this Special Power of Attorney should be authenticated by the Philippine Consulate.
    You can get the Request for Transcript of Records personally from the Office of the University Registrar (Rm 133 St. La Salle Hall) or download a copy of the form here.

  3. I would like to apply in the graduate school of a university outside the Philippines. Where can I get a list of foreign schools that accredit DLSU courses?
    The University does not have such a list. However, we have not yet received any feedback that DLSU alumni/alumnae have not been accepted in any foreign school for graduate studies.

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