Facilities for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

De La Salle University provides facilities for persons with disabilities (PWD). The following ramps, toilet cubicles and elevators are specially reserved for them.


  1. LS Ground Floor - Covered walk
    • South Gate
    • North Gate
    • Marian Quadrangle (Facing the Amphitheater)
  2. Library - Main Entrance and the other one leading to IMS
  3. Brother Connon Hall (SPS)
    • Front under Trellis (Near Yuchengco Hall)
    • Front beside the Bulletin Boards
    • Back Entrance
  4. Miguel Hall - Main entrance near SJ Hall and St. Mutien Marie
  5. Br. Bloemen Hall - Main Entrance (former College Canteen)
  6. Mini Ramp along the Passageway (former aquarium area) from Velasco/Miguel going to Agno and vice versa
  7. Enrique Razon Sports Center - Main Entrance
  8. Br. William Hall - Main Entrance
  9. Central Plaza going to Yuchengco Hall and vice versa.

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Toilet Cubicles

  1. St. Miguel Hall - Ground Floor (Male)
  2. LS Hall - North wing Ground Floor (Female)
  3. Yuchengco Hall (Male and Female-all Floors)


  1. Yuchengco Hall (3 passengers and 1 service elevator)
  2. LS Hall -North Wing (Per Request to Security Office)
  3. LS Hall -South Wing (Per Request to Security Office)
  4. Br. William Hall (1 passenger)
  5. Enrique Razon Sports Center (2 passengers)

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Contact Information

Physical Facilities Office
Room 160 La Salle Hall
2401 Taft Avenue
1004 Manila, Philippines

Tel. Nos.: (632) 524-4611 locals 111 and 152 (trunk line)