De La Salle University has ambitious goals. Moving towards the next 100 years, the challenge of staying relevant and contributing to nation-building remains a very strong motivation.

1 in every 5 students is a scholar and if blessed with more resources, we can grow this number. Every year, the University awards 50 scholarships to top public high school graduates. The scholarship comes with monthly stipend to help these underprivileged students.

With limited land space in Manila, DLSU is expanding with the inclusion of the Canlubang complex, now known as Science and Technology Complex. With a capital development plan spanning 10 years, DLSU- STC will house science, computer and engineering laboratories that are at par with the world’s best universities.

To help keep a competitive roster of professors, the University continues to send professors abroad for higher education and exposure. The University encourages research works and continuous module writing to update its curriculum.

Tuition and fees alone do not make all of these a reality for De La Salle University.

Gifts from alumni and friends complement the limited resources of the University allowing it to seek out opportunities. Donations and grants allow the University to build more facilities and strengthen the caliber of its professors.

Gifts help DLSU remain as one of the top universities in the country.



"The Scholarship I received made me realize how there are people who still believe in a student like me, like us. I've been given the opportunity of a lifetime to be a lasallian. I have every intention of living life every day to make sure that i'm worthy of that opportunity and title. This made me push myself harder, strive for something bigger because at the end of the day, it is the least that I can do; all for God and country."

- Jana Cabuhat
St. La Salle Scholar
Student Alliance of the Philippines - Chairperson



"I would always count the scholarshio as God's way of bringing me to my vocation, to different responsibilities in private and community schools, and now in the Department of Education (DepEd)."

- Br. Armin A. Luistro, FSC
DepEd - Secretary